This skeleton is proof that humans already amputated limbs for medical reasons 31,000 years ago

This skeleton is proof that humans already amputated limbs for medical reasons 31,000 years ago

man practicing medical dissection longer than we thought now indicates new research published this week in the magazine Nature, a group of Scientists say they found A skeleton in Borneo 31.000 years old of a young man who was clearly amputated left leg reasons of Health. Surprisingly man recovered from amputation and probably lived many more yearssuggesting that their community has advanced medical knowledge,

it is The discovery was made in 2020 by a team of Indonesian and Australian archaeologists. They found the skeleton in the remote mountainous areas of the cave. Calliza Liang Tebow, in East Kalimantan, an Indonesian province Borneo Island. to the skeletonThe lower third of his left leg was conspicuously missing, but the team was shocked to see there is bone growth, indicating that the foot was healed of cause Of dissection. The tests carried out indicate that the man lived About 31,000 years.

Scientists soon ruled out the possibility that A. leg was lost because of accidents or animal attack, because those incidents may have caused some scars easily recognizable. Too He argues that it didn’t disappear either. a form of punishment, because the body of the man was treated with respect after the operation and in His back Burial, indicates everything was amputated To save or improve human life. And if so, will it become Oldest known medical amputation in humans And dozens. with the difference of thousands of years from the previous case that we knew, The oldest example above is a . came from old man stone age farmer Ali Who cut off his left hand in France 7,000 years ago.

it is Search suggests a lot about the hunter-gatherer society in which it Man, say the writers. The dissection probably took place during his childhood and had to be done with caution, as the subject did not die during the operation., Since modern surgery use Antiseptics and antibiotics to prevent infection, it is possible that this group identified natural precursor between Borneo’s rich plant diversity, probably in response to common infections that they must have encountered in this area Rainforests. Finally, given And difficult terrain to traverse and that man probably lived another six or Nine years before his death, the probability that people around you will worry for him and help him adapted to your special needs. above all happened some 20,000 years before humans became permanent settlements regularly,

“It’s an argument” really solid that this person and his community had developed advanced medical knowledge To be able to successfully amputate the lower part of a child’s left leg and allow not only survive the operationbut also live a prosperous life in you atmosphere”, he said in a statement Study author Tim Maloney, an archaeologist at Griffith University,