This V8 Lexus with 320,000 km in 4 years says yes

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If we talk about reliability, as a general rule the Japanese brands are the protagonists, with truly indestructible machines that are very economical to maintain… even if they are very high performance. And this is precisely the case that concerns us today, because someone in the United States decided to check how reliable the best Lexus engine is made today, which is placed no less than 320,000 km in just over 4 years.

Lexus and its famous V8 UR engine

This story has the protagonist Matt Pridemore and his Lexus LC 500 acquired at the end of 2019. Although we are talking about a luxury GT and that as a general rule these are cars for single use, rarely seen with more than 10,000 km per year, Pridemore decided to make this LC 500 his daily car.

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Under the hood of the LC 500 beats a 5.0 naturally aspirated V8 engine that develops 477 HP at 7,100 rpm and 540 Nm at 4,800 rpm. This engine with the code 2UR-GSE is considered one of the gems of our time, and not only for serving as the heart of the Lexus F range (IS F, GS F or RC F), but for staying true to its condition. atmosphere, offers a unique driving sensation in its class and generates a truly suggestive exhaust sound.

It is possible that we are dealing with one of the most reliable engines produced by Toyota-Lexus in its history.Successor to the UR architecture where Lexus entered the world of V8 engines through the Lexus LS, the latest generation of this eight-cylinder has been able to adapt to the new era of emissions, but without stopping below that cost. reliability.

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And we have the best proof of this in the Pridemore LC 500, because in March 2024 this LC 500 is expected to have more than 320,000 km. And its owner not only uses this car every day, but has also made long trips with him, thus explaining how in just one year of association, he has been able to overcoming the first 160,000 km.

Despite being one of the best machines on the market today, its consumption is not suitable for all budgets.

Lexus Lc 2021 0420 035

Of course, enjoying an engine like this is not exactly cheap, because in Spain the Lexus LC 500 starts at 156,000 euros, must add a fuel cost that is at least high, because feeding this V8 means which will face a medium consumption – according to WLTP approval – 11.7 l/100 km.

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