This way you can permanently eliminate the nests left by the violin spider in your home

This way you can permanently eliminate the nests left by the violin spider in your home

Have you seen that in the corners of the walls of your house there are Spider webs?, could be traces of the “violin spider” or also known as the “corner spider”, an arachnid that can be identified by the violin-shaped markings on its cephalothorax (head and body). This small animal represents a threat to moderate people, so it is necessary to move them to distant places if you notice them around you, so below we tell you how you can do it.

Where do fiddler spiders usually hide?

The first thing you need to know is that the presence of this type of spiders is very common inside homes and they hide in spaces that remain unchanged for a long time, such as sheds, attics, cellars and others. more often dark and dark places. drive

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We recommend that you do a careful inspection of all the corners of your home to identify their presence and not allow them to build nests, so it is important to clean the difficult areas well accessible to your home. Recognizing their presence early is the best thing you can do to avoid major problems with these arachnids in the future.

What to do if you find a fiddler spider in your home?

Since you are aware of their presence and possible nests, you should relocate them. We are not saying to kill them because they are animals that deserve to live, especially if they have not harmed anyone. Remember that preserving life is a treasure that includes taking care of the animals around us.

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The best way to start the transition is to use a sheet of paper and a plastic container that can be yogurt, cream, or whatever is left in the kitchen. It is important that you do this task calmly and determinedly so that you do not fail. We know that nervousness and fear are deceptive, but you must be brave.

How to catch spiders?

Since you have the plastic container and the sheet of paper, you need to make a quick movement of the spider and place it on the wall or the floor, depending on its surface. Then, you need to slide the sheet of paper, as you cover its container, which will make the arachnid fall down and you can move it outside. You can do the same process with their nests. This is a very simple method.

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Are fiddler spiders dangerous?

The bite of this type of spider can cause skin lesions and, in severe cases, even death. If someone bites you, all you have to do is wash the bitten area well, put ice on the wound and go to your nearest clinic. It is very important that you do not stop the bite or self-medicate.