This will be Tiktok Trivia, the new entertainment experience of Tiktok

This will be Tiktok Trivia, the new entertainment experience of Tiktok

TikTok is introducing an entirely new interactive experience to a significant portion of its user community, who will be able to be a part of it by joining and participating in real-time scheduled sessions.

This new experience will only be available for five days, from February 22 to February 26, with access to users in the United States who are at least 18 years old.

His presence will be short-lived, but it will mark a before and after

This is TikTok Trivia, a new entertainment experience based on TikTok Live, for which participating users will be able to receive a share of a total of $500,000.

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To do this, they must guess the answers to questions on a variety of topics.

During the first three days, TikTok Trivia will have two live sessions per day, each lasting an hour, with $30,000 distributed for the first session and $70,000 for the second, with multiple rounds in each session. In which users will be able to select the answer from multiple choice options.

TikTok states that there will be special survival rounds on February 25 and 26, with no limit on the number of questions, and questions becoming progressively more difficult, and where the last remaining group will distribute a prize of $100,000.

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For this new experience, TikTok has roped in Lionsgate and “John Wick Chapter 4” as emcees. To participate, in order to meet the requirements, it will be sufficient to access @TikTok live broadcasts only at the time in which the sessions are scheduled.

Community creators of different themes will also be present

TikTok states that there will also be fun surprises and integrations from Lionsgate and John Wick Chapter 4, and that it will be collaborating with different creators on the platform to participate in scheduled sessions that address different topics as well.

It will be interesting to see how this develops, and above all, whether it will mark a before and after, considering the reports that point to the possibility of the minigames reaching live broadcasts, although in any case , it is a bet focused more on entertainment and it adds to the possibilities that the platform already offers to its entire community.

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