This will include

This will include

The best way to fully enjoy one of the best Resident Evil games

Last year Resident Evil 4 came back with a bang with an excellent remake that gave us the chance to play again one of the best installments of the saga with a fantastic change. It will be one year since its launch in a few weeks, but Capcom didn’t want to wait until then to make an announcement its gold version,

Within this, all the basic content will be included to play this chapter starring leon s kennedy, who is entrusted with the mission of rescuing the President’s daughter, which will take him on a journey to a city whose inhabitants have all gone mad and are constantly risking their lives. In turn, it also comes with the Separate Ways expansion starring Ada Wong to experience the adventure from a different perspective.

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With all the above, there is also version a pack of cosmetic items Which is composed of some skins as well as weapons and other items to modify the appearance of Leon and Ashley, in case one prefers to play the campaign in a different way. Finally, the Mercenaries mode is also included as standard in which you have to eliminate enemies before the time runs out and without dying in time.

If you were looking for an excuse to get a remake of resident Evil 4, perhaps thanks to its Gold Edition this is the perfect opportunity. Furthermore, its launch is just around the corner, as its sales will begin 9 February For PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC via Steam.

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