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Friday, February 26, 2021

This young man of MP is addicted to eating strange things, this dangerous thing came out of the stomach when the operation was done

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Chhatarpur A case has come up in Chhatarpur in Madhya Pradesh that will not only surprise you, but will also make your hair stand up. A young man is addicted to eating metal items since childhood. All items ranging from safety pins to houses are kept hidden. When he could not find any steel or iron to eat for a long time, he swallowed the steel knife in the kitchen.

The case is of Chhatarpur. Before Republic Day, the young man (33) noticed that a 5-inch-long pointed and sharpened knife was found in the kitchen. He swallowed. That knife was stuck in ahar tube. Due to which he was having difficulty in breathing. The householders felt that he had eaten something secretly. In such a situation, he was immediately taken to the doctor. When the doctor did sonography, the shocking thing came out. The knife was near the heart of the blood vessel coming out of the heart, and the sharpened part was towards the bottom. He could move at any time. The knife was prone to cut the blood vessel of the heart.

These things were also in the stomach and food pipe: The young man also had two spoons and a safety pin in his stomach. Pan refill was stuck in Ahar tube. The doctor very carefully took the knife into position with the help of endoscopy and pulled it out with a small cut. Similarly, refills and other items were also removed. Now the patient’s condition is stable. This operation went on for a long time.

These things have been removed before the operation:

The young man had also swallowed the spoon and safety pin earlier. When the stomach started to ache, the family took it to the hospital. After doing sonography there, it was revealed that the young man is addicted to eating such things. In such a situation, relatives were hiding the spoons, pins and small steel and metal items.


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