Those waiting for Copilot in Windows 10 will have to wait

Microsoft Copilot - Copilot en Windows 10

Users are waiting for Copilot to arrive in Windows 10; they need to sit down. This is because the arrival of AI is facing a delay due to a bug that also affects Windows 11. This issue, which involves multi-monitor Windows 10 setup, has been highlighted by Microsoft in the Known Issue for Windows 10 November Preview Update, identified as KB5032278.

Copilot in Windows 10 and the many monitors errors

The wrong question is causing desktop icons to move seemingly randomly across different displays in a multi-monitor setup in Windows 10. Additionally, some icon alignment issues may arise. The same problem has already been observed in Windows 11, and now, with the launch of Copilot for Windows 10 users, it is not surprising that the same phenomenon is experienced.

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If you haven’t received Copilot in Windows 10 yet and use multiple displays, this could be why. Microsoft has implemented a block to prevent updates that bring the AI ​​assistant from being delivered to these PCs (and the same for Windows 11). Microsoft says, “We are working on a fix and will provide an update in a future release.

Even if you don’t currently use multiple monitors, in the past, your PC may have been blocked from receiving this update. As Microsoft explains, “The copy of Windows (in preview) may not work on devices that have been or are currently being used in a multi-monitor setup.

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Although this new update for Windows 10 is optional and, as a preview, it is expected that it will have some bugs, the solution to the problem should come soon. Both Windows 10 and Windows 11 users with multiple monitors should be able to enjoy Copilot, although the AI ​​is limited in its functionality in the initial presentation.