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“Those who wish to leave are free,” writes Nason Joaquin to his followers from prison without confessing their crimes.

Without acknowledging that he was sentenced to nearly 17 years in prison for sexually abusing three minors in Los Angeles, Nason Joaquin Garcia, Church leader La Luz del Mundo wrote a letter asking his faithful to “turn the page”, focus on the future and believe that God will “take care to adjust everything”. Those who stopped believing in his innocence invited him to leave the cult.

“What happened to me is not going to stop the church,” The 53-year-old Mexican priest said in a written message that this Sunday was read in the temples of La Luz del Mundo. “The church is not a temple that they are going to stone, that they are going to scratch or that they are going to try to destroy,” he said.

It is the first letter written by a self-appointed “apostle of Jesus Christ” since a judge in Los Angeles, California, sentenced him to 16 years and 8 months in prison on three counts of walking. He was facing a life sentence in prison for 19 criminal charges, but he deferred it to reach a plea agreement with the California District Attorney’s Office.

At sentencing hearings last Wednesday, five complainants gave scathing testimony about how they were forced to be their sex slaves and demanded a “maximum” sentence for a minister, which they described as A “monster”, an “antichrist” and a “rapist”. Judge Ronald S. Coen apologized to him for “having his hands tied” because of the behavior of lawyers and prosecutors before the sentence was announced.

Thousands of people who followed the hearing through the media heard the victims of Nason Joaquin. Believers in La Luz del Mundo, however, were told to stay away from news and social networks, warning them that their faith was in danger. Many only followed and heard the version of the Church’s bishops, who clarified that their leader’s legal strategy was to avoid an “unfair” trial, which was full of irregularities and that he only wanted to “perform” it. .

“It’s in the past”

Nason Joaquin continues that rhetoric in a letter sent to his flock this weekend. “Now we will turn the page. This is already in the past. Now my vision is towards the future and the near future is our holy supper. Glory to the Lord!”, he said, referring to the church’s most important event, which takes place every August 14 for the birthday of his grandfather and founder of the cult, in the main shrine in the Hermosa Provincia neighborhood of Guadalajara, Mexico.

“What’s next? Continue our journey brothers. We’ll keep moving forward non-stop. Go ahead non-stop. Are those going to be tough days, weeks, months? Yes, very tough. Do we have to hide? Never! Ever! No! Should we go far, mountains? No, our work, our deeds, our behavior have to keep shining among the society,” he said.

But Nason Joaquin’s corrupt practices land him in prison. Beginning his apostasy, in late 2014, he asked Alondra Ocampo, a loyalist in Los Angeles, to create a harem of teenagers so that they could dance naked, photograph themselves participating in orgys, and share their dreams. To fulfill sexual perversions. For the charge presented by the State Prosecutor’s Office.

On his iPhone and that of his accomplices, investigators found child pornography, text messages in which he told drugged girls to be more obedient and not remember the abuse, a list with the names of his potential victims and a chat with prosecutors. According to him, he was asked to seek younger believers in his temples because he believed they would love him more.

Nason Joaquin did not mention any of these in his message. “I thank God because I feel good. Yes, sadly, because sadness is a human emotion and it is natural and we understand it. Also, without a doubt, I know that the church Sad. But this sadness is taken away from me when you told me: ‘The church is strong, the church is strong, the church is united,'” the pastor wrote.

“How much joy! How contented! How proud I feel for the Church of the Lord! Support me and favor me with your actions, with your actions! And when they offend us, our conduct is flawless and clean Be more honest and fair, so that the works speak for themselves.

“Keep walking not backwards, sideways, but turning forward. Toward our absolute goal, that absolute goal is Christ,” he said.

La Luz del Mundo faithful living in the Hermosa Provincia neighborhood told the medium that they continue to believe in the innocence and respect of their spiritual leader, whom they believe in a martyr Even if he blamed himself. Since his arrest in June 2019, the clergy of the cult have compared his criminal trial to the unjust trial for which Jesus Christ was crucified nearly 2,000 years ago.

Nason Joaquin wrote, “We will not use what has happened to us to harm or attack our fellow human beings.” “What do we do? Do we perform? Shall we break the glass? Never! This is not conduct that has true faith in God. We are not fanatics,” he said.

“We Will Continue Our Fight Against Satan”

Apparently, because of the arrest of Nason Joaquin, there was a slowdown in growth Church in Mexico. Of the 188,326 loyalists registered in the 2010 census, this number increased to 190,005 in 2020. That is, they added 1,679 new parishioners on the basis of birth and conversion.

But La Luz del Mundo’s spokesperson claims there are 1.5 million members in Mexico and up to 5 million in about 60 countries, without providing data to verify this. According to him, thousands of baptisms and the opening of new houses of prayer confirm their continued growth.

In 1997, when Nason Joaquin’s father, Samuel Joaquin Floors, Pointed out by a group of ex-loyalists that there were young women who sexually pleased him and to enrich themselves at the cost of tithes, the cult had already claimed that it had 5 million loyalists and its annual The growth rate was 15%. Then, it was a figure that appeared to be inflated.

Sources in La Luz del Mundo said that the bishops developed a plan includes the mass exodus of believers, There are fears that some people stop visiting temples to avoid attacks from family, friends and neighbours.

Nason Joaquin also addressed parishioners who doubt his innocence. “Those who want to leave are free to leave, Although I don’t think that will happen,” the minister wrote, citing a biblical parable in which an apostle warned Jesus Christ that he was losing followers because of his way of preaching. Told them: ‘And you too, if you want, can go'”.

“Me and my household will continue to serve Jesus Christ… Whole church, I want to tell you that I am fine. Yes, sad, but I appreciate His unity, His strength and everything He said. Determination brings comfort… We trust in God. We trust in his power. We will follow his word with love.”

This is how he ends his letter: “We will continue our fight against Satan. We will come out victorious in Christ with much love. God bless you. Yours in Christ. Nason Joaquín García.”

The leader of La Luz del Mundo has been in a Los Angeles men’s prison for more than three years and awaits transfer to a state prison to serve the remainder of his sentence. His church hopes to be free in a decade, in 2032, or perhaps soon. Their release date has not been decided yet.

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