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Thursday, April 15, 2021

Those who withdraw cash from ATMs will have to know these rules, otherwise it will result in loss of thousands of rupees.

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new Delhi: Nowadays cash transactions have reduced considerably compared to earlier. But in most places due to the need of cash, people prefer to withdraw cash from ATM instead of bank. Many times, such notes come out of the ATM, which no one wants to take in the market. Especially if there are 2000 notes then the ATM user has to suffer big loss. Then that note becomes a problem for him.

In such a situation, you must know these rules of RBI. You can avoid the compulsion to wander about a torn or colored note, to run on a discount, or in any case to spend it in buying unnecessary items. Also, if all the people start following these rules, then even the bankers can leave this way to save their trouble by purchasing such notes in ATM. Let’s know what the RBI rules are …

The guidelines were released by the Reserve Bank in April 2017. It said that all banks, ie government and private, will change the mutilated or soiled notes of all the customers in each of their branches without refusal.

Before changing the note, the customer has to give some details about it. First of all, you have to go to the bank branch of the ATM from where you have taken out the mutilated note.

After this, the bank will have to give the date of withdrawal of money through an application, the amount of money withdrawn, the time to withdraw money and the ATM location.

If you have kept your sleep safe while withdrawing money from ATM, then attach the sleep to the application. Otherwise, message the details of the message that came on the mobile.

Overall, it is necessary to take sleep while withdrawing cash from ATM, because on such occasions it acts as sleep as avidity.

Now, after giving all these notes to the bank, your account will be verified and new notes will be given to you immediately. Also, the bank will keep the mutilated note with you.

What to do if the bank refuses or defaults?

If the bank refuses to change your cash or makes you wait, then you can make a complaint against the bank branch in the police. According to RBI rules, a fine of up to Rs 10,000 can be imposed on that bank branch.

This is why it is important to:

Following the RBI rules, it is also necessary and beneficial to exchange notes from the bank itself. You exchange a note with unauthorized note exchangers in the market and pay an amount in exchange for it, or you are often forced to do a shopping that is not in your priority. On the other hand, not going to the banks gives encouragement to the bank personnel and they put the mutilated or colored notes in the ATM on the day of the day and make the customers happy.


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