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Threats wave through envelopes containing explosives: they investigate who is behind their shipment

Members of the National Police and firefighters stationed in the area around the Embassy of Ukraine in Madrid

A wave of “envelopes with explosives” has alerted the authorities and forced an increase in security measures as a measure of prevention and protection against any new ones. threat, Initially, it was a deflation at the Ukrainian Embassy in Spain, which housed a staff of the diplomatic delegation. Injured After intercepting a suspicious letterWho gave notice to the authorities. However, this was not the first package of this type, nor would it be the last. Already six have been received, and the first was destined for Pedro Sanchez.

everything started right 24 November. It was a Thursday when the services Government Presidency Security Departmentwhile he performed the “general functions of screening and filtering correspondence received on the premises” moncloa”, they detected a “suspicious postal delivery”. there was one About “brown” addressed to the President of the Government and sent by “ ordinary postal mail”, in the words of Rafael Pérez Ruiz, Minister of State for Security, who has offered a press conference to clarify the facts without delving into specific details that could interfere with the investigation.

At that point, “the Security Department of the Presidency of the Government activated the security protocols provided for this type of situation”, therefore, “with a preventive nature, bomb disposal technician The Civil Guard assigned to the Presidency of the Government secured the area and advanced controlled deflationof the mysterious envelope.

At the time, no other suspicious packages had arrived anywhere, and nothing seemed to lead them to suspect that this would be first in a series of shipments This has already brought the total to six, threatening other members of the government, such as Defense Minister Margarita Robles, to whom the last of those intercepted was directed.

Threats wave via envelopes containing explosives: Who’s behind your shipment?

Series of envelopes with pyrotechnic materials inside

After that first suspicious letter, “various police experts gathered all possible data and evidence” in search of clues that could lead to the sender. For the time being, the Minister of State for Security has confined himself to publicly stating that “the substance used in the intercepted envelope is a compound or some component used in the Presidency of the Government with similar characteristics. fireworks material,

Upon learning of this, on the same day, 24 November, the General Directorates of the National Police and the Civil Guard were ordered “increase security measures and everyone’s safety public buildings with a special focus on country control post Which depends” on both the bodies.

In this context, the General Information Commission of the National Police initiated proceedings and yesterday after ascertaining a second envelope with “identical features”They decided to inform the National Court this Wednesday, while establishing relations, although formal communication with the opposition took place today.

During the investigation, the authorities collect the appropriate specialists, calligraphic and lophoscopic studies, among other analyzes that may be appropriate.

Package with an explosion in the Ukrainian embassy from the envelope to Pedro Sanchez

The definitive clue that the envelope to Pedro Sanchez was in fact nothing different was provided by a series of suspicious packages received yesterday, Wednesday, November 30. It was about 1:00 a.m. when the National Police received notice for a Ukrainian embassy explosion In madrid, something that sets off alarm bells, especially in the context of guerra open by Russia And he, immediately, related the incident to what might have been someone’s reaction – sympathetic to the Kremlin – to Spain’s support for the country led by Volodymyr Zelensky. especially after a third envelope is finished Company based in Zaragoza of them dedicated to the manufacture of military material first rocket launcher that sent to our country Help Ukraine.

A military material company from Zaragoza receives a similar letter from the Ukrainian Embassy in Madrid

The second of the envelopes was “addressed to the Ukrainian Ambassador to the Kingdom of Spain”, but it was an employee of the diplomatic delegation who decided to open it, arousing his suspicions. “At that time, to his misfortune, glitterthat caused minor injuries,

Then, the Central Court of National Court’s Direction No. 4, on duty this week, initiated the relevant preliminary proceedings and assumed jurisdiction over these facts.

Third envelope, against the company that made the first rocket launcher to help Ukraine

The third envelope arrived a few hours later and was addressed to instalza, Against the director of the above company exclusively devoted to the design, development and manufacture of military equipment and material.

In this case, the company’s security services detected a postal shipment that “raised their suspicions” and “brought it to the attention of state security forces and bodies.”

As such, it was members of the National Police and Civil Guard who went to the company and then evacuated it as a precaution. Once this was done, “the explosives disposal technicians of the National Police took action controlled explosion envelope”.

The fourth envelope with pyrotechnic material at the Torrejón de Ardoz air base may be important

A fourth envelope will reach the air base between 3:00 am to 4:00 am today. torrejon de ardoz, in Madrid. It was once again the security services who discovered the suspicious envelope, which was addressed to the satellite center and specifically to its director.

being reviewed by the teams of x-ray installed in the enclosure”, he verified that there could be “some kind of mechanism” inside. So the officers went to the spot to take charge again suspicious package,

In this case, although the envelope once again presents the same characteristics as all the others, there is a key condition: “Explosives Blasting Technician they haven’t exploded envelope, but they’ve gone ahead for their to failwhich can facilitate the analysis of both the packaging and the explosive material used and the detonation mechanism used, which in turn can research facilitation About the authorship of the shipment ”.

Fifth envelope, addressed to Defense Minister Margarita Robles

in the shipping chain, fifth over was directed to Ministry of Defence and, in particular, to the owner of this portfolio, the Minister Daisy Robles, The shipment was intercepted “before 10:00 am, in the security filter of the Ministry, which immediately reported it to the security services of the Civil Guard.”

done on this occasion disabled around 11:15 am

Sixth envelope, against the Embassy of the United States of America in Madrid

The last known envelope – the sixth – is sent against United States Embassy in Madrid, Again, it is “similar” to the one sent to its Ukrainian counterpart and has been forced to lay siege to the place located at Calle Serrano 75, as well as to close several nearby buildings.

After finding out, TEDx has moved on blast itDue to which the noise is felt by the residents of the area.

How are envelopes containing explosives activating the alarm in Spain?

What about envelopes? where do they come from? Who is the sender?

For now, the main unknowns remain. The government has not delved into the details. Minister of State for Security Rafael Perez Ruiz emphasized this in a press conference All envelopes are “the same” in both features as her Contents, They are “brown in colour” and their origin has not yet been fully determined, although “there are indications that comes from spanish area, A statement that he made “with all discretion, taking into account that we are at the beginning of the investigation” and on the other hand contradicts what was said by the government representative in Aragon, after the envelope was discovered in Zaragoza A company manufacturing military paraphernalia reported that the artifacts were homemade with pyrotechnic materials and believed to have come from Ukraine.

“What I want to say is that there is an impression that he has been sent from national territory, but I insist on this: discretion. I say this with full discretion”, Ruiz said of this apparent contradiction. announced in

The investigation is open in this sense and no details have been given about the sender.

prevention measures have worked

Has the post office failed?

Remembering the last regional elections in Madrid, when several institutional authorities received threatening letters and even bullets inside, something that makes the security of the post office questionable, today the executive with a short and concise message Also addresses this issue. Direct: “There is always communication between state security forces and bodies, with all institutions, all agencies, including the post office. protective measures have worked And they have prevented any harmful consequences except in the case of the Ukrainian Embassy. It has already been neutralized.”

The envelopes contain explosives, not explosives

Furthermore, given the fear and alarm generated by this succession of threats, the Secretary of State for Security wanted to stress that attention should be paid to the proper use of terminology when talking about these matters. In particular, it has stressed that the authorities are using the term ” deflation ”and not explosive, fundamentally because “the pyrotechnic material contained in the envelopes can produce what is a deflation, not strictly speaking an explosion; A sudden flame, with no pressure change and with the potential for destruction of whatever is in its environment”.

Thus, he also wanted to convey a message of peace: “Our state security forces and bodies have always and on every occasion, so far, demonstrated their professionalism and efficiency with which they know that this type of situation and their enormous How to deal with potential.” To reduce any risk that may potentially exist.

In addition, he said, “the Ministry of the Interior yesterday, Wednesday, a increased security measures consular delegations present in our country, as well as in other regions that require special protection; A decision that has been added to the reinforcement of security since the beginning of the war in Ukraine.

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