Three coaches in one tournament is not easy


Despite the current contract, Real España thanked their scorer, Ramiro Rocca, at the request of coach Miguel Falero. He leaves the club’s third highest scorer.

Argentine Ramiro Iván Rocca won the hearts of Real España fans with goals and great performances. Two years and nine months were enough for him to score 64 times in the gold shirt and become the third top scorer in the history of the club.

However, these numbers will not work anymore, because the Argentine is already a history of professors and this Monday morning he boarded the plane to return to his native Hughes with the motivation to reunite with his family and with deep gratitude.

Diario DIEZ conducted an exclusive interview with the former Aurinegro killer before his trip and explained how he left the team, something that did not surprise him, and he also revealed why Real España could not be first, despite having a good squad.

“It’s complicated with three different coaches, but the players are also responsible. Now everyone is behind us and I wish them the best,” said the South American.

The 35-year-old striker talks about offers and does not rule out a return to the country. Are there acts of indiscipline in the club?

After three years of living in Honduras, Ramiro Rocca fled to his native Argentina waiting to determine his future.

Did you leave with mixed feelings because it was your last time in San Pedro Sula?

Now I will go home to rest for a few days and wait to see what happens, but I will leave with a little regret, because it might be my last moments here. I had a great time, I left many dear people and I am very grateful.

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Can’t Real Spain stop you or what happened?

A few days ago my representative told me that Elías Burbara spoke to him and told him that the coaching staff (Miguel Falero) announced that they will no longer have my services, so calm down, let’s wait for what comes.

Are you surprised?

No, these are things that happen in football, but I am an employee of the club and they make the decision.

What has playing for Real España meant to you all these years?

A lot because I always try to do my best on and off the field, I try my best, I always try to defend the club, my teammates and the fans. I love them all so much.

Ramiro Rocca spoke to Diario DIEZ before boarding his flight this Monday morning.

The real Spain has very good football players, but they can’t get the ball. What happened?

These are football moments that never come true. We have three coaches in a tournament and it is not easy to adapt many schemes or ideas from different coaches. We always try to do the best, but it’s not possible.

Can’t they adapt to that?

Clearly. It’s complicated with three different coaches, but the players are also responsible. Now everyone is behind us and he wishes them the best.

Why did they change so many coaches in Real España and finally some players and the results are the same?

Because it is easier to change coaches than to change 20 players. That’s how bad teams are. They always put up with the players.

Do you owe Real España?

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No. I always give my best and that’s why the fans of Real España show me their love. I will always carry them in my heart.

You are the third top scorer in Machine history. Are you leaving the bar high for achievers?

It’s great to achieve that amount of goals in a short period of time and it’s a shame we can’t seal it with a championship because it’s what I want, but for sure the people who come will do it in one good way because great things must come to Real Spain players.

Although you are a scorer with many numbers, you have not translated it into a championship, does that put pressure on you?

I’m quiet. I’m not going to pressure myself with that or anything. 20 players play in a team and we stay at the door. Here we lost against big clubs and I was left with that thorn.

You are one of the leaders of the team, so I ask you, how much do external factors affect the performance of the team?

I was one of the biggest players in the team, one of the leaders, and so I had to act for the benefit of my teammates and some situations got worse, but I wasn’t interested anymore. I am very calm and grateful for people’s expressions of affection.

Are you feeling the pressure of this tournament?

I’m not comfortable because we didn’t get the results we wanted, nobody likes to lose, especially at a big club where you always have pressure. My guess is that Real España will rise as always.

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Is there a fight between the players?

It didn’t happen to us. There are times when things don’t work, the atmosphere is not good, but because of the magnitude of the fights, it has nothing to do with it.

Did you lead when there was an indiscipline riot in the club?

Yes, but it’s always quiet. No such case has ever been passed. It was discussed and resolved.

How are the offers?

At the moment there is nothing concrete. These are just rumours. I’m going home to eat barbecue and have fun.

Is Olimpia really interested in you?

Nothing came to me. I don’t have a job, so I can listen to offers.

Do you think these are your last moments in Honduras?

I just don’t know what will happen because physically I feel very good. I felt that it was enough to play for two years. I’m ready to see what comes out. I have to work and I can’t close the doors to anyone.

Do you want to go back to the Municipality?

Municipal is a big club and thank God for all the teams I have been to, things have been good for me personally and as a group. Any player wants to be in the City.

What will you do in Hughes now that you have arrived?

Be with my family, eat a barbecue, be with my friends and above all I will make public my love for the people of Real España. I didn’t expect them to have so much affection. I wish the best to each of them.