Tickets go on sale for featherweight at Foro Sol

Tickets go on sale for featherweight at Foro Sol

Despite the fame he has achieved featherweight with their the corridor is lying The ticket sales For you concert on november 11 sun forum CDMX has not had the expected success, as there are still stamp Available in all classes including VIP package.

Internet users complained about the prices of tickets to hear the interpreter of “Ella Baila Sola”, as they compared them to the prices of Taylor Swift concerts, in which stamp Their price ranged from 936 to 10,450 pesos.

Tickets go on sale for featherweight at Foro Sol

On Thursday, August 3, pre-sales for Citibanmax users began at 2:00 p.m., but three hours later, most seats were still available, Milenio reports.

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While on Friday, August 4, the general sale date, places were available in the areas furthest from the stage, such as VIP, Gen A and Gen B, where prices ranged from 4,500 to 1,416 Mexican pesos.

In some other areas, such as the Naranja Sea, where ticket price 828, extra charge, less availability was left.

There’s also the VIP package, which costs 9,563 Mexican pesos, offering benefits that peso fans will love Wing which is available through Ticketmaster and includes the following:

One ticket to the concert in the VIP section – access to private soundchecks before the concert featherweight,

signed lithograph of featherweight,

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Two specially designed VIP merchandise items.

Advance VIP entry to the venue.

Without the line and the opportunity to purchase merchandise before the show.


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