Antonio Mohamed warns that if he concedes a goal it will be impossible for us

 Tiger vs.  Pumas: Antonio Mohamed warns that if he concedes a goal

“What do we need to do? Score a goal before Tigres to try to feel comfortable in the series, that’s what we need to do. The most important thing of all is to defend well, so that the Tigres will not shoot at the goal.

“If Tigres scores a goal it will be almost impossible for us, we have to play an intelligent game, very hard,” said Turco in a press conference upon his arrival in Monterrey this Saturday.

The Argentine strategist showed that the UNAM team must play a good game and be ready for the task, because Tigres has experience in this type of example, although he admitted that the clock does not matter to him as long as they do not receive one purpose in the middle..

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“Tigres will play as always, it has a lot of experience in this type of games. The clock does not worry me, while the game is zero, we have a chance, we can score a goal anyway time, we need to be intelligent in that sense,” emphasized the Auriazul strategist.

“Gignac has a lot of hierarchy, who can argue with him, he is the best player of the last 10 years in Liga, if he is not there, Ibáñez is there, he is the scorer of this tournament for Tigres, he is a scorer of Pachuca, it doesn’t change much, yes The hierarchy changes, more at home, but whoever plays, we have to be ready for whoever plays.”

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The Pumas strategist remembers that he played in two Finals against Tigres, one with Monterrey, which he lost, and the other with América, which he won, so he emphasized that the cats were his opponents in endless and said that they are not looking for him as a coach nor he. I will go straight to them.

“I am a coach of Pumas, I represent Pumas, on the other hand they know that my heart is always in Monterrey for everything I have experienced and so the answer is clear, even if they do not look for me, want ko. don’t come to play with them, It’s simple, we’re rivals, not enemies, we’re rivals forever. It’s a great rivalry,” concluded ‘Turk’ Mohamed.

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The Pumas must beat Tigres by two goals if they want to advance to the 2023 Apertura Final, as a tie on aggregate would give the royal team qualification due to its better position in the table at the end of the regular season. tournament.