Tigres lives and plays football with inmates at the Penal de Apodaca

Tigres lives and plays football with inmates at the Penal de Apodaca

New lion.- He club tiger toured the facilities Social Reintegration Center No. 2 North where representatives of the institution spent a few hours chatting and living with people who were deprived of their liberty.

The inmates had the opportunity to listen to the bouncer Miguel Ortega to the former soccer player and multi-champion with the cats, Hugo Ayala and the team hairdresser, and Ulises Puente Mata as part of social reintegration measures and rapprochement with institutions and civil organizations.

The event was attended by representatives of the sports institution They answered questions about their careers and they listened to a song dedicated to the team, composed by one of the inmates.

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Ayala, Ortega and Puente Mata gave autographs to the people deprived of their liberty and took part in a sporting event that took place at the end of their participation in the inaugural event of the second cycle of workshops organized by the Reinserta.org association.

In his speech, goalkeeper Ortega, multiple champion with Tigres in Liga MX and winner of the Concacahmpions, urged the inmates to do so Do your best whatever activity they are engaged in.

“Whatever they do, let them be good, then throw everything, Give him a lot of desire and you will surely get ahead; Because if they leave and they are on the other side of the wall, they will surely go another and better path again,” said the goalkeeper.

The event was also attended by Club Tigres: Social Impact Manager Marisol Rodríguez Hernández and Social Responsibility Coordinator Samantha Pastrana Ramírez. Also on behalf of the Reinserta association: Javier Alexis Hernández Narváez.

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To finish living together, elements of cats made a round of penalties with inmates in the family visiting area of ​​the Social Reinsertion Center.

In addition, registration for the training schools that Reinserta will conduct in coordination with the prison authorities has been opened for the benefit of 100 people deprived of their liberty.


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