Timeline of access to abortion pills in the United States

Timeline of access to abortion pills in the United States

On April 7, a Texas federal judge ruled in favor of a group challenging the US Drug Administration’s (FDA) ban on mifepristone, in effect for more than two decades.

This is the time of a historic medical and recent legal battle in the United States of America, which will probably end up in the Supreme Court.

Development and distribution

– 1980: French researchers develop mifepristone, initially named RU-486 due to its chemical composition.

– 1988: Mifepristone is approved for medical abortion in France and is adopted in other countries in the following years.

– 2000: FDA declares mifepristone safe for use in the United States to terminate pregnancies up to seven weeks of gestation. It can only be dispensed directly to users in doctor’s clinics, offices and hospitals.

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– 2016: The FDA says mifepristone can be prescribed to the fetus up to 10 weeks of gestation.

– 2020-21: FDA closes enforcement of unsanctioned dispensing requirements due to covid-19 pandemic and allows mifepristone to be mailed to patients after telemedical visits.

The slope is boe vs. Wade

– June 24, 2022: The Supreme Court overturns the landmark Roe v. Wade, that the right of women to obtain an abortion in the United States of America. The ruling allows each state to set its own rules, with nearly half of the 50 states banning or severely restricting the procedure. Mifepristone quickly became the new target of anti-abortion activists.

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– January 3, 2023: FDA rules that drugs can be distributed using certified pharmacies, including by mail order.

– April 7, 2023: A Texas federal judge imposes a national ban on the distribution of mifepristone, which will begin after a week-long delay while he handles a lawsuit from pro-abortion activists challenging the FDA’s 2000 approval of the drug.

– April 12, 2023: Federal appeals partially overturn a Texas judge’s ruling, saying it’s too late for plaintiffs to challenge the FDA’s drug testing, but the appeals judge extends the FDA’s 2016 ruling. the use of mifepristone at 10 weeks gestation and its design to allow distribution by mail order.

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– April 13, 2023: The United States Department of Justice, under President Joe Biden, announces that it will file an emergency request with the Supreme Court seeking to overturn the appeals of the judge’s decision to impose new restrictions on mifepristone.


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