Tips to make the experience pleasant for both of you

Tips to make the experience pleasant for both of you

If there is something more enjoyable than traveling on a motorcycle, it is accompanied, be it by your spouse, child, or friend. A company trip makes it richer and clearer: sharing sights, sensations, adventures… But for everything to be perfect you need to consider many things that we will tell you in points.

Point 1: Do you have experience?

Yes, two. You first, of course. Adding an average of 50 to 90 kg to the back of your motorcycle is no small thing. The center of gravity shifts up and back, and the unbroken masses increase: Driving is very different (for the worse). And if your passenger has never ridden a motorcycle, things can get even more complicated. Then we go into detail.

Teach him how to get on and off the motorcycle. In practice, it’s like riding a horse…


Point 2: First, ride a motorcycle.

Before you continue, you will explain how to do it. The system is the same as riding a horse: with your left foot on the left stirrup, when you ride on that side, rise and then turn your right leg outside. Same for the right if you go that side. To go down, the same in reverse order. Special attention if there are suitcases and/or top cases. Teach him how to put on and fasten his helmet, if it’s the first time.

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Before riding it, you should ride and hold the handlebars with both hands. and it is better if it is straight. Tell him he can’t move on until you tell him to. Keep the side upright until he sits up straight. Before starting, have him check if he is more comfortable holding the handles or your waist. There is no shoulder strap. When stopping, your passenger will be the first to get off, while keeping your grip on the handlebars and both feet on the ground. Tell him when he can safely go out and where.

Point 3: Consider the weight

With two on board, plus full suitcases, the weight increases significantly compared to when we move alone, and we must take this into account.


What we said before: driving your motorcycle has nothing to do with the significant extra weight behind it. Already in the maneuvers we notice that everything costs more. It is better to do some short maneuvers than one that will bring us to the ground. Also remember that reversing the motorcycle when stopped with a passenger can be difficult to impossible. Plan it. Sometimes it’s better to lower it so you can maneuver safely.

On the road, inertia increases with this extra weight, when cornering and braking. Leave more margin and everything is smooth: acceleration, turning, braking. Your passenger will thank you too.

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Point 4: Don’t indulge…

Don’t try to impress your passenger by showing them how fast you can go on your favorite road. He certainly doesn’t experience it like you do…


Don’t try to impress your partner, especially if he’s new. It is very likely that the first or first times you will be a little scared. On the contrary, offer confidence and security. Do not make sudden maneuvers, accelerate or brake hard., or take your favorite curvy road as if you were alone. Make riding a motorcycle fun for the person on the back, not painful.

Remember that when you lean it’s normal to panic and stop suddenly, and that’s why the motorcycle will do the same… and not turn the curb. Tilt just enough, at least for the first outings, until you get used to it. Tell him he has to move with the motorcycle, as it is part of it, and do not lie down on yourself or get up on a curve. He needs to learn not to hit you with his helmet when moving or when you brake.

Point 5: Both, the equipment is good

You must wear the appropriate equipment, namely, jacket, pants, helmet, gloves and boots.


Not only do you need to be fully equipped: you are both riding a motorcycle and have the same risk. If you go out on the road as a duo, you should both wear the appropriate equipment: full-face helmet, motorcycle jacket, gloves and boots. If you have sanity pants, even better. For the city you can wear something lighter, but always long pants, closed shoes, a jacket and gloves. Yes, even in the city.

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So, not even in the city…


Point 6: Baggage

The ideal thing about traveling by motorcycle, if it’s for more than a Sunday outing, is to have a couple of suitcases or side bags. If you have them, leave one free for your partner Or, better yet, you leave it for them the day before so they can figure out what fits in it and fill it out. If you’re going out for a few days, don’t forget to bring a pair of raincoats.

The ideal item for a route of more than one day is to carry removable suitcases or bags.


If the trip is a day, a small backpack to carry the essentials is good, but There is nothing worse than taking a long trip with a few kilos on your back.. If there are no suitcases or racks to tie things, take only the essentials with you.

Point 7: Keep this in mind during the trip

The one in the back is usually more uncomfortable than the one driving. Remember that.


You are driving the motorcycle, but you are not alone. The back is usually more uncomfortable you can be more tired, you can be thirsty, cold, feel like to rest, go to the bathroom, stop at a certain point. Ask him from time to time or, even if he doesn’t ask you, stop being respectful. I’m sure he appreciates it.

The goal is for him to enjoy the motorcycle ride as much as you do and want to repeat it over and over again.