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Tips to see so many screens without damaging your eyes

Damage to your eyes can lead to multiple health issues that are best avoided. And through sight we are mainly reminded of the world, especially in our times, in which culture seems to be governed by audio-visual media and the relationship with people and the outside world is mainly through the screen.

However, there are factors that increase the potential to reduce the eyes, such as a hospital that does not wash the face (including the eyelids and eyelids) or environmental factors such as pollution and weather. Now, one of the most important reasons that are now causing damage to your eyes is our excessive use of cell phones, computers and television sets.

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According to the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, the recommended time that people should spend in front of the screen is two hours, in fact they exceed this duration for much of each day, while on average, people spend more than nine hours for this.

On the one hand, it is impossible to escape the screen when we work on it, study and enjoy it, and on the other hand, we spend so much time visible on the Internet that sometimes we do not even know anything else. to be able to spend free time, so much so that sometimes even on vacation we cannot escape from one screen to another.

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If you don’t leave the screen on vacation, at least take care of your eyes

Has it happened to you that you want to take a break from working on the computer and do it by checking your cell? You are not alone, but all this wears out the eyes, especially if they do not blink properly (when we sometimes forget to do it on the screen) or we look at another point that is not there. this blue light, which by the way also affects the quality of sleep. But then, if we recognize that the screens are difficult to escape, how can we protect our eyes from them, even if we continue to use them? We give you some tips for that.

Avoid contact lenses…

If you spend a lot of time in front of the screen, you should know that it is better to do it with body lenses than with contact lenses, since they dry out and irritate the eyes much more.

… but not glasses

But in line with the above point, although it is better to use glasses than contacts in front of the screen, it is important to wear glasses if you need them. And it is that, when we do not see well, we will always pay attention to focus and this consumes the eyes, so it is a priority to use the support that you need to see well.

wet your eyes

In the pharmacy they sell eye drops that are lubricating and it is advisable to use them at least three times a day, especially if you live in a polluted city, if you spend a lot of time in front of the screen or if you are dry. the eyes By using it as part of your routine, you improve the hydration of your eyes and improve their performance, because not only do they blink less in front of the screens, but we also get a little slippery and don’t wet our eyes enough.

but the point

If you spend some time in front of the screen, you will make sure to look at a specific and distant point for several minutes, you will help your eyes to process all the information from your computer or cell phone. he will be able to rest for a moment.

Some days

Realize how many hours you spend in front of your screen each day, and force yourself to break away from the screen for a few minutes once a day. This not only helps you relax your eyes, but also your mind.

adjust the brightness

When you use your screens, make sure that their brightness is not too intense, especially if it is dark around you. In addition, it is better to keep the position at eye level.

Wash the eyelids and hair

You can use a special soap such as baby soap or neutral soap, but do not wash your eyelids and eyelids during the proper routine. And it is that some people accumulate a lot of fat in these places, which if it enters the eye, it gnaws.

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