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To Lose Weight You Have to Activate Brown Fat: Do You Know How to Do It?

Strength exercises that involve large muscle groups help activate brown fat.

brown or gray fat is known as good fat Because it increases energy expenditure more and more studies show that it helps fight obesity and even type 2 diabetes.

Professor Jonathan Ruiz, of the Department of Physical and Sports Education at the Faculty of Sports Sciences at the University of Granada, explains the function of this type of fat and how we can activate it.

What is the role of brown fat in the body?

The main function of brown fat is thermogenesisi.e. yield Heat when the body is exposed to cold regulate the temperature Body. This function is performed by a protein called UCP-1 which is found inside the brown fat cell (brown adipocyte) and which Uses triglycerides and glucose as fuel to convert them into heat.

Activating brown fat speeds up metabolism

brown fat It also increases energy expenditure. Helping you burn more calories. Several studies have shown that when brown adipose tissue is activated, Basal metabolic rate increases by 5%. it translates to something burns 100-115 kcal more per day without doing anything special, Your metabolism simply burns more.

Activating brown fat helps in rapid weight loss

equals an increase in caloric expenditure at rest Loss of about 4.7 kg per year. These figures make it clear Stimulating Brown Fat Aids Weight Loss more quickly. Animal research has also shown that if adipose tissue is activated, Energy spent on digestion increases by 50%. “In humans it is not entirely clear if this is the case, -Professor Ruiz explains- But there are studies that suggest it could rise to at least 20-30%”,

Activating brown fat protects against diabetes and obesity

“If brown fat produces heat triglycerides (which is a type of fat) and sugarIt is logical that it also helps fight the accumulation of fat and blood sugar levels, which is why it is considered an ally against obesity and type 2 diabetes.” I assure Professor Jonathan Ruiz.

What mechanisms activate brown fat in the body?

your body makes or activates brown fat Through three mechanisms:

  • the nervous system, When revived from the cold, it secretes neurotransmitters (catecholamines) that stimulate gray tissue.
  • Heart, If it beats rapidly, it releases hormones called natriuretic peptides which also activate it.
  • muscle, When contracted, it secretes a series of hormones called myokines that stimulate the transformation of normal or white fat into brown. And this modified fat cell is called beige fat. This process is called the ‘browning’ of the enmarronamiento.

Exercise is your best ally to activate brown fat

Professor Jonathan Ruiz assures that there is no better way to stimulate the last three mechanisms exercise,when you exercise The sympathetic nervous system releases catecholamines (adrenaline and norepinephrine), the heart beats faster to send blood and oxygen throughout the body, and muscles contract.,

The Exercise That Activates Brown Fat the Most

For people who are obese or who want to lose weight, aerobic exercise such as walk, bike, swim, elliptical, As well as muscle strength exercises that involve large muscle groups.

it is very important Type, frequency, duration and intensity of sessions Physical activity is planned according to the ability and circumstances of each individual. Therefore, it should be supervised by an expert.

and if i know belly fat accumulationIt is very important to do resistance exercises (with weights). build muscle, Which in the end is what will help you activate brown fat and increase energy expenditure.

This fat is also activated by exposure to cold.

Low temperatures stimulate brown adipose tissue. Anything that involves exposure to a tolerable cold increases your energy expenditure (you burn more calories without any extra activity). something is easy turn down the thermostat Activating brown fat at home in winter can help.

There is also research suggesting that stimulate melatonin production (just with good sleep hygiene) can help activate brown fat. In this sense, Jonathan Ruiz assures that, “Although studies have been conducted on animals, there is insufficient scientific evidence to apply these data to humans”,

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