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But if I had to add one Second rule, that could be hygiene. Basically, for lovers, cleanliness is a fundamental basis for beginning and ensuring enjoyment.

It must also be taken into account that the Hygiene not only influences how pleasant sexual relationships can be. Also for your safety. Certain habits can help reduce the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases.

1. Always urinate afterwards

It’s maybe that Most important and best advice on hygiene and sex: Always urinate water after sex, especially if you are a woman, although this is good advice for men too.

During the During sexual intercourse, the couple’s genital areas are very close to each other and touch (obviously), causing bacteria to be transferred from one to the other.

Some can be introduced through urethra, multiply there and ultimately cause an unpleasant urinary tract infection.

To avoid this it is very helpful urinate immediately after finishing, This is because any bacteria that may have entered through this channel are displaced.

2. The same surface should not penetrate the anus and then other body openings

He mutual consent This is the most important factor to consider in sexual relationships. But right after and in line with hygiene, it should be consistent with the idea of ​​what you are doing.

For example, it is important to note that the The anus and rectum are colonized with bacteria that should not be introduced in other places, such as vagina or mouth.

That’s why it’s important that the The same surface does not penetrate first into the anus and then into other places.

Either you do it in a different order (the anus always comes last) or you change the condom that covers the penis or the inserted object and wash your hands at the end.

3. When cleaning, always clean yourself from front to back

Exactly for the same reason as the previous point, because the bacteria that may be nearby Anus should not come close to the vagina, It is important that you always clean yourself when using the toilet by sliding the paper from front to back, i.e. from the vaginal area to the anal area.

This reduces the risk of iUrine and other infections caused by the transfer of bacteria from one point to another.

4. Clean your toys and accessories properly

He thinks that the majority of Sex toys are intended to be inserted into the body, or parts of the body into them and as such they can be a source or point of spread of infection.

Handle them carefully, do not share them, and clean them after use with others Soap and water, be careful with those that have an electrical circuit so that they don’t get wet and spoil.

5. Use vaginal douches and similar products

It is true that proper hygiene of the genital area is important not only for safe sexual relationships but also for good health in general. But this also includes knowing how The vaginal flora works and what it needs to maintain itself.

Is called Vaginal flora refers to the bacteria that naturally live in this part of our body and that they require the right temperature, humidity and acid conditions to remain stable.

Changes in these parameters can lead to changes and cause them to multiply too much, leading to, among other things, a bacterial infection, or to shrink and cause a fungal infection.

With the intention of promoting cleanliness, some women believe that it is good to use hygiene products called vaginal douches and They are mainly inserted into the vagina after sexual intercourse.

But that’s not a good idea because they can change the very conditions on which the flora depends, and end up causing these problems.

6. Use condoms in risky and sporadic relationships

Come on Barrier contraceptives are the only ones that can protect us from sexually transmitted diseases. when we have risky or sporadic relationships.

Come on Hormonal contraceptives such as the pill are highly effective against pregnancy Undesirable when used correctly, but do not affect the risk of sexually transmitted diseases.

So now you know: the condom is irreplaceable. It’s a good idea to use it.

7. This is a two-way topic

Or three, or however many people have sexual relationships.

The fact is that you need to pay attention to your hygiene It is not enough to protect yourself from possible sexually transmitted diseases if your companion or companions do not do the same.

Therefore it is also a measure of Hygiene have a trusting relationship in which you can talk about these topics We want to make sure everyone takes the necessary steps to take care of their health and yours.

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