‘Today’s Dylan Dreyer says son Calvin helped her write first book

'Today's Dylan Dreyer says son Calvin helped her write first book

12 October (NWN) — Dylan Dreyer says his son Calvin was a valuable “co-editor” on his first book.

NS Today astronaut Have you seen To discuss his children’s book on the show Tuesday, Misty the Cloud: A Very Stormy Day, after its release.

misty the cloud follows a girl named Misty, a girl whose bad mood turns into a thunderstorm. Dreyer wrote the book to help children understand and navigate their emotions.

Dreyer has three sons, Calvin Bradley, 4, Oliver George, 21 months, and Russell “Rusty” James, 2 weeks, with her husband Brian Fichera. Feather TodayDreyer said that he used Calvin as a sounding board during the writing process.

“He helped me write the whole thing,” she said. “Whatever he didn’t understand, we changed it. Whatever he thought was funny, we put in the book. He was my co-editor on this whole thing.”

misty the cloud Illustrated by Rosie Butcher and was released on Tuesday.

Feather Today, Dreyer also gave an update on baby Rusty, who was born six weeks ago on September 29.

“Rusty is a dream,” she said. “That makes Ollie look so hard because this baby literally sleeps and eats all day.”

Dreyer said that Calvin is “absolutely obsessed” with his new brother.

“It’s hard to find a picture where Calvin isn’t hugging her or kissing her or lying on top of her,” she said. “It’s been a really, really special time.”

Dreyer shared a photo on Instagram in September holding baby Rusty.