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Monday, March 8, 2021

Tokyo Olympics will be canceled! Japan government may raise hands – report

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The Olympic Games to be held in Tokyo this year can no longer be seen. The report claims that the Japanese government has made up its mind to cancel it. The Times newspaper It has been said that the Government of Japan has made an intention to cancel the biggest event of the Games due to the Corona epidemic. The government says that the Mahakumbh of the Games cannot be organized in the event of an epidemic. The Times has made this claim by quoting a senior most officer of Japan’s PM Yoshinde Suga’s party. The Government of Japan is now eyeing Tokyo’s bid to host the Games to be held in 2032.

The Olympic Games in Tokyo were to take place in the first year 2020. However, due to the havoc of Corona, it was postponed for 2021. These games were to be held in July-August this year. The report said that 80 percent of the people of Japan do not want the Summer Olympics to be held this year. This disclosure has been made in a recent survey conducted by the Government of Japan.

Organizers refuse to say anything on the report

His sources told The Times that personally he does not think the Games will be held this year. However, the organizers of the game have refused to say anything on this report at the moment. In the press conference held earlier by the organizers and the Government of Japan, it was said that the games will start from July 23. On the other hand, Thomas Bach, President of the International Olympic Committee, also reiterated in an interview to Kyodo News that he is adamant on his commitment to organize the Games this year. He had said, “We have no reason at the moment to say that the Olympic Games in Tokyo are not going to be held from July 23. ”


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