Tom Cruise recorded a scene of Top Gun: Maverick in such a forbidden place that even space satellites spied what he was doing

Tom Cruise recorded a scene of Top Gun: Maverick in such a forbidden place that even space satellites spied what he was doing

top gun maverick It has been one of the movies that has surprised the audience the most in 2022. tom cruise Reborn with a unique and fast paced action movie.

However, the work wanted to be realistic enough that after a specific scene America They remained at the center of various foreign satellites for several hours. Commenting on the sighting of the stealth plane, its director Joseph Kosinski, through an interview with Collider Portal, explained how darkstar,

According to the director, when he visited China Lake Barracks In California, a hangar there caught his attention. Unfortunately, this hangar was secret and the officer had to forbid him from taking pictures of the building.

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“He told me, ‘You can take pictures as long as you don’t point your camera there.’ When they say to me: ‘do not even think about it. There you can take photos. Don’t take pictures. Don’t even look at it.'”

Everything seemed lost for the director, but to everyone’s surprise, the navy called him a few days later to tell him that he could shoot on location, probably because he knew that the film could increase applications for enlistment in the Navy, just like the first installment.

“If you tell us when you want to shoot there, we’ll take what’s there and get it out a few days in advance so you have the building.”

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In the end, the scene was able to go ahead without any problems and we can see it in its entirety in the movie. However, when they filmed the scene, the US military realized Many satellites of other countries cast their eyes towards this base. To take pictures of Darkstar from the movie.

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You have to be careful depending on the kind of movie we make and how realistic we want to be. There are already two works that have caused some “problems” or carried out some intriguing tasks: on the one hand we have this case with the secret plane, while on the other we have Christopher Nolan and his idea of ​​making a nuclear bomb without There is a desire. Special effects by computer for Oppenheimer.


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