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Toning arms at 50: Celebrity trainer reveals key exercises to achieve it

Queen at age 49 Letizia from Spain She became a fitness icon after wearing occasional dresses or suits at public events that revealed her toned arms. Truth is this Training this part of the body at the age of 40 becomes a challenge as well as an aesthetic obsession.

became a weapon New fitness challenge for both women and men And if they haven’t been worked out, it’s better to start as soon as possible, because the deterioration is greater as time passes without training.

“Every muscle is trainable, you’re not going to achieve the same ability at age 20 as at age 50. any muscle that you don’t move atrophy and gets injured over time, But if one gets used to physical exercise, the chances of injury are reduced”, suggests sports doctor Alejandra Hintz (MN 114194).

Experts explain that there are places in the body where more fatty tissue accumulates than others, In women it occurs in the hips and tricepswhereas in the stomach of men. “The point is that in men, intra-abdominal fat can be dangerous if they become too much, on the other hand, the issue of arms in women is purely aesthetic”, he explains.

There are two essential elements for a professional to keep in mind if one is considering reducing fat in the arms and toning them: degradation and mobility.

“The phrase we hear that says The more toned the muscles, the more fat is lost. This is a myth. It’s not that it reduces or consumes it, but it’s that if you do a lot of arm exercises you will tone up but not reduce it. Similarly the player says that what you have to do to reduce obesity is a negative energy balance, ie, Enters fewer calories than expended.

On the other hand, if you really want to tone up and not reduce the fat in your arms, it is recommended to do localized exercises to work that area of ​​the body. “What bothers is not that fat is present, but that it moves”Dice Hintz.

“The fear of the Hulk’s arms is another myth that exists with training, the huge arms reach that stage because they are supplemented with other things such as special proteins, anabolic steroids or they are just people who are dedicated to bodybuilding. In the mildest cases, When the arm swells after training it is because the arm pumps more blood after movement”, says Francisco Piperatta, celebrity trainer also known as Oso Trainer.

For specific exercises to do in the gym or at home, Piperata suggests doing the following:

1) Push Ups

it can be done With its own weight and without the need for external elements. It has two positions: arms open frog type to work the sternum and chest; or do closed styleWhere the shoulder line follows the arms and works the triceps and chest.

In the case of people who are used to training or playing sports on a daily basis, they can Add a Plus to Push Ups by Doing With Dumbbells, This can be accompanied by the classic movement with the elbow close to the body and the hand holding the dumbbell, or alternately raising and lowering one arm and then the other.

Francisco Piperata Shows Which Exercises Are Best for Toning the Arms

2) Similarities

it can be done Against the wall or between benches. This exercise works the triceps and biceps and can be practiced in the gym or at home. In the latter case, the height is done by putting Legs up on one chair and hands behind each other on another chair then the person sits in the air and flexes down into an “L” shape.

Francisco Piperata Shows Which Exercises Are Best for Toning the Arms

3) Bicep Curl

As the name suggests, it only works the biceps, but in a concentrated manner. This is a very practical and effective exercise that, if done properly, yields good results. The same is done with a long elastic band or tensioner. “You step on it keeping both feet and hands close to the body and you will reach the shoulders from the bottom up”, says the coach.

Francisco Piperata Shows Which Exercises Are Best for Toning the Arms

“It’s good to train without the aid of machines because it helps the fibers work better and the blood circulates more. When you don’t use weights, you get the most out of your body”, Piperata says. And he says sports like swimming, tennis or cycling are excellent to alternate with arm training because they oxygenate the blood and improve resistance. “Inaction doesn’t pay, what works is action,” he concluded.

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