Tools Trump could use to curb abortion access if elected

Tools Trump could use to curb abortion access if elected

Ziegler said, “If the position of heritage people or former Trump administration officials is that emergency contraception is abortion, or the hormonal birth control pill, they can try to impose Comstock on them.”

Medically, neither emergency contraception nor using hormonal birth control is considered to terminate a pregnancy.

Protests at abortion clinics

The Heritage Foundation is also calling on the next Republican president to review the administration’s implementation of a law that protects entrance access to abortion clinics, which Hamilton said has been used “to harass pro-life protesters.” “has been done for. Earlier this month, former Vice President Mike Pence said during a conference with young anti-abortion activists that the next conservative president should order the Justice Department stop investigation and prosecution Of these protesters.

Even if Trump does not follow the Heritage playbook, a second Trump administration will likely represent a meaningful shift in the federal landscape for reproductive rights.

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The Biden administration has argued in court that federal emergency medical law protects access to abortion in cases where the procedure would be life-saving, even in states with almost complete abortion bans. It has defended the FDA’s approval of mifepristone in a pending challenge at the Supreme Court, and has sought to make abortion available to veterans through the Veterans Health Administration and to reimburse service members for travel costs if they seek abortion care. There is a need to cross the state border.

In a conservative administration, legal scholars suggested, the federal government might go so far as to reduce state abortion protections by challenging them in court.

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“So far, the Justice Department and the FDA have argued in favor of the evidence that abortion restrictions harm people. All of this will potentially go away,” said Rachel Rebouche, dean of Temple University School of Law.

Kevin Roberts, president of the Heritage Foundation, called the Republican Party an “untenable ally in the fight for the unborn child” and said the anti-abortion movement would continue to push the party to action.

Roberts wrote an op-ed marking the anniversary of Roe and urging protests, writing, “Across the country, pro-life bills have failed, abortion referendums have passed, Democrat leaders are crowing , while many Republican leaders are afraid of a fight.” Abortion activists will demand action. “If it were up to the Republican establishment, the pro-life movement would easily collapse. Thank God it’s not up to them. this is up to you.”

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According to researchers tracking public opinion on the issue, these proposed steps to restrict abortion with presidential power would conflict with the views of most Americans and even a growing share of Republican voters.

A July 2022 poll by the Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI) found that 56 percent of Republicans would oppose restricting medication abortion, compared with 72 percent of all Americans and 92 percent of Democrats. Among white evangelicals, opposition to such policies has dropped to 48 percent. The same poll found that 77 percent of Republicans would oppose laws that restrict the types of birth control people can use to prevent pregnancy.


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