TOP 1: What is the best Toyota car so far in its history?

TOP 1: What is the best Toyota car so far in its history?

The automotive tradition of Japan cannot be understood without the majority of experts is the most representative brand: Toyota. Founded in 1933, this company has almost a century of history and has gradually grown to become one of the brands Most important in the world.

One of the keys to the success of the company founded by Kiichiro Toyoda is their great technological evolution, because they are pioneers in different areas and are always at the front, as well as their ability to offer cars for all tastes and budgets, focusing not only on one segment.

Toyota a company with a large number of creations that revolutionized the automotive industry, so choosing the best of its models is a difficult decision, however, here at From zero to 100 After the analysis, we present to you our verdict on what is best for us Toyota all the time.

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Toyota: What is the best car in its entire history?

she Toyota Corolla This is the best car of this brand in its long history, because it is a AUTO historic car that has left a wide legacy and has the support of millions of people who attest to its main qualities, such as its quality, performance, attractive design and practicality for all drivers.

An important point of choice Corolla as the most famous of the countless fabrications of Toyota so it has the honor of being the best-selling car in all of history so far, being the only one that has surpassed the barrier of 50 million units circulating the streets.

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Despite all the contemporary creations of the industry, it remained the most profitable of all for more than two decades, surpassing the legendary Beetle in Volkswagen. she Corolla spread to all corners of the world, but in the countries where it is car has the largest sales in Japan, the United States and China.

Its history is more than half a century, since it was created since 1966 in Japanese soil, with the purpose of offering and coach compact for all types of viewers, and they have fulfilled their purpose in the letter.

Toyota Corolla: Price and features

It currently has 12 generations of developments and the last one arrived in 2019. The 2023 model has a 2.0 L. four-cylinder engine, which produces 169 HP and 148 lb-ft, as well as a CVT transmission.

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she Toyota Corolla It can be purchased in Mexico at a price of 416,400 Mexican pesos, which is one of the cheapest offered by the brand. Also, it now has a hybrid version with a value of 496,500 in the same currency.


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