Toyota has unveiled the Kayoibako concept, a van design of the future

Toyota has unveiled the Kayoibako concept, a van design of the future

Toyota It is currently one of the biggest brands in the world and is already looking at its action plans for the future, due to the adoption of electrified technologies and more sustainable designs. So, he revealed to Kayoibako.

Something interesting about this concept is that it shows us what a small city van will be like in the future, and especially for big cities like Japan, where the size of these units can be compact, but with a good distribution for the content.

This concept is a electric car in the future, because these types of technologies are becoming more part of the Japanese brand and eventually will be more included in its range of production models.

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Toyota Kayoibako, an electrified futuristic concept

We do not know if this model will reach the production stage and we hope that, even if it is for regions like Japan, it will be shown during the Japan Mobility Show which gave us many surprises in these weeks of concepts and movements.

Without a doubt, this concept stands out for its lines, because it is a small van, with square and completely modern lines. It has square elements, white paint and black wheels.

Also, it combines headlights with LED lights, as well as narrow windows, it also gives the appearance of a small house or apartment or room.

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An important point is that it can be used by disabled people in wheelchairs, because its entry panels have a complete opening, thus suiting different needs.

Toyota Kayoibako, an experience inside and out

Inside, this model will provide a unique experience, because it only has a seat for the driver, but the whole interior part is to accommodate different space needs, such as carrying things. A horizontal digital instrument panel and a screen on the driver’s side are visible.

Its dimensions Toyota They make it the most practical, with 3.2 meters in length, 1.4 in width and 1.4 meters in height. Hope it comes true.

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