Toyota is ‘crazy’ launching an electric car with a manual transmission

If you think Toyota is 'crazy' launching an electric car with a manual transmission, wait until you see the number of gears

In recent years, there have been some cases of manual gearboxes with up to seven ratios in models with a thermal engine, such as the Corvette or the Porsche 911. This is a surprise to many, because they claim they are ‘too many’. However, this is only half the number that Toyota suggests for the manual transmission of its electric cars.

Here we follow in detail the track of the upcoming manual gearbox since its first leak came to light, more than a year ago. Since then, more and more clues have been given about it, as well as its confirmation by Akio Toyoda, former CEO of Toyota. However, What could this ingredient be that raises so many questions?

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Toyota has registered new hints about its upcoming manual gearbox.

A 14-speed manual gearbox

When this manual gearbox first drops, some aspects of its operation are predictable. It will be mounted on electric cars, models that do not need the first element to circulate (unlike thermal models). Its disposition is to create only fun and emotions behind the wheel in the electrical model where it is placed.

It is not mechanically connected to the electric motor or motor, but can only be an element of software. The sensation that you are actually changing gears is created by using dynamic sounds or more or less sudden acceleration, among other things. You can also, of course, a third pedal as a clutch. As such, the brand has recently registered new patent sketches for this mechanism, which have been spotted by the media Machine1.

In these illustrations you can see how the Toyota is positioned maximum 14 relations in its manual gearbox. However, far from the classic 5 or 6 gears, the driver is the one who chooses the number of relationships he wants to enjoy. “The number of gear stages can be six, or more or less than six. The driver can choose the desired standard according to his wishes,” they said from the registered document.

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The user can choose the number of gears in their gearbox, with a maximum of 14 relations.

All this affects the fact that the user can make as many gear changes as he wants: four, five, seven, nine, fourteen, etc. This is something new for the automotive industry, ever There’s nothing like it, where the person can choose the number of gears in their gearbox, according to the preferences of that moment. However, this gearbox can be not only manual, but it also has the option to be automatic, thus increasing the possibilities of use and comfort.

This manual gearbox should hit the market in the coming years. Currently it is expected to be installed on the spiritual successor of the legendary Lexus LFA, but also on the production model derived from the Toyota FT-Se Concept which the brand showed a few weeks ago.

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