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Sunday, February 28, 2021

Toyota started due to earthquake, now sells the most cars in the world, know its story

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Japan’s car maker Toyota (Toyota Motor Corp) has once again become the world’s best seller (Worlds Top Selling Automaker). In the year 2020, Toyota has sold 95.28 lakh cars. However, the company’s total sales have fallen by 11.3 percent in the last year. Second place was Volkswagen of Germany. The company sold a total of 93.05 lakh cars. It is being told in media reports that after 5 years, Toyota has again achieved the number-1 title.

Let’s know about Toyota’s successful story…

In the book Toyota Success Story by author Pradeep Thakur, it is told that on 1 September 1923, there was a big earthquake in Japan. It is said that at that time the thinking of the people of Japan had changed. Actually there was a lot of destruction in the earthquake. At that time cars were used to save people’s lives. Then the people of the place increased the trend of cars and felt the need for it. After this, the car industry in Japan accelerated.

Toyota’s founder Kiichiro made the first automatic handloom in 1933. But Tamanna had to build a car since her childhood. That is why his prototype model AA 1932 was made. But Kiichiro initially assembled the cars. He then laid the foundation of the company in 1936. Which was named Toyota Motor.

Second world war worsens

Initially Toyota’s focus was on making miltri trucks. The Army of Japan used these trucks fiercely. The Second World War ended in 1945. Then Japan’s condition has become extremely bad.

At that time Toyota also filed for bankruptcy. However, Kiichiro managed to save the company by making a deal with the bank. But due to strict conditions of the bank, layoffs had to be done. This increased anger among the employees and they started a strike. The management of the company changed after a two-month strike. Aichi received command of Toyota Motors.

Such a company is back on track

He took several steps to bring the company back on track. Also, civil wars were taking place in many places at that time. In such a situation, demand for miltree trucks from many countries including America increased

After this Aichi installed a R&D unit to propel the company. Also opened outlets in many cities. With this, the company’s income started increasing.

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