Toyota, virtual leader of the Spanish market throughout 2023, by increasing its advantage in November

Toyota, virtual leader of the Spanish market throughout 2023, by increasing its advantage in November

The Spanish car market will end 2023 with around 950,000 units sold, according to Anfac, which will represent an increase of 17% compared to 2022, but 25% less than before the pandemic.

The leadership for the year as a whole of Spanish market seen for sentencing, after the Japanese firm Toyota once again increasing his advantage in the second classified, Come on, last November. Except for a big surprise in December registrations, Toyota is the best-selling brand in Spain for the second year in a row.

The brand he runs in Spain Miguel Carsi It bases its success on a modern design and on being a pioneer in decisive betting on hybrid technology, which is currently one of the most demanded. Therefore, the company sold almost 74,000 cars in the Spanish market between January and November, an 8.2% growth.

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Toyota not only maintains the leadership in the national market until now in 2023, but consolidated the first position in November, when it was also the leader in sales, delivering 6,786 units, 13.5% lower than in the same month a year ago. Despite cutting its sales in November, Toyota surpassed Kia for the month, registering 5,773 units, up 0.7%.

In the accumulated year, Kia remains strong in the second commercial position, with 61,287 vehicles sold, a 5.7% increase, and everything shows that Kia will also repeat for the second consecutive year as the second most popular brand in Spain, as it has almost 3,000 vehicles in front Volkswagen which was third, with 58,421 units (+9.8%).

In the model chapters, everyone also decided on the first and almost also on the second, given that the Dacia Sandero has accumulated 25,662 sales since January, more than Sit Arona, with 20,212 units. The third place on the podium in the first eleven months of 2023 went to Toyota Corolla with 18,016 units registered.

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Only in November, the first two positions in the model ranking were repeated, with the Sandero in first place (2,948 units) and the Arona in second (2,257 units), while the third position was attacked by ZS from firm china MG (2,104 units), which confirms the push of giant Asian brands and their increasing weight in the Spanish market.

With these sales volumes until November, from Handy (making), Faconauto (dealer) and Ganvam (distributors) predict that the national car market may close in 2023 with a volume of around 950,000 units, 17% above the 2022 data, but still 25% below before the pandemic and far from the number of million units equivalent to Spain due to its size and population.

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In the first eleven months of 2023, the vehicle registration In Spain they increased by 17.3% compared to the same period last year, reaching the number of 867,587 vehicles, while in November alone the growth was 7%, up to 78,314 units.

41.3% of the total car sales in Spain until November are accounted for by gasoline models, while 46.1% corresponds to alternative energy cars, especially hybrids. Diesel models account for only 12.6% of total sales. Therefore, the average emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) of vehicles registered until November was 117.4 grams per kilometer, 2.6% less than a year ago.