Tramway and public transport: Guilbault needs to prove it’s in the right place in Transport, says Marchand

Tramway and public transport: Guilbault needs to prove it's in the right place in Transport, says Marchand

BRUSSELS | Annoyed by the lack of enthusiasm of Minister Geneviève Guilbault for the tramway and public transport in general, Mayor Bruno Marchand believes that he must prove that he is the right person to occupy the position of Minister of Transport and Sustainable mobility .

“It’s up to him to show it, but he doesn’t have three years ahead of him. It is up to him to show that he is ready to fight for sustainable mobility in Quebec and all of Quebec. If he doesn’t show it right away, we can conclude that he is not a good carrier.

From Belgium, where he is for the last stage of his mission abroad, the mayor of Quebec has difficulty digesting the exit of the deputy prime minister, Geneviève Guilbault, on Thursday. The one who also holds the position of Minister of Transport and Sustainable Mobility failed to mention the Quebec tramway project during a conference of the Quebec Urban Transport Association and showed that his government has no intention of funding all the deficiencies in public transportation companies.

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It’s his responsibility

The mayor saw that we could not see MME Guilbault brought the sustainable mobility file and he wondered if it was in his place. “This is his responsibility. We expect him to support the sustainable movement (…) We need someone who can see more and has a vision. If he doesn’t do this, he will delay Quebec. ”

Regarding the social acceptance that the minister asked the mayor to prove for his tram project, the mayor threw the ball back to him, calling him directly: “We also need you to do this, as minister.”

He advised that if the Legault government expects to receive a report card that has reached the standard of social acceptance, “it does not understand what social acceptance is.” “It’s a process, it’s not a result. In any case, there is no definite result.

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Harmful to the economy

Sustainable mobility and public transport are important vectors for the economy, Mr. Marchand maintains. Chambers of commerce, economic institutes, employers and businesses are asking for better services, and in favor of the tramway, he said. Opposition to this project is tantamount to hitting the economy, he fears.

Organizations also confirmed their support for the project this week.

“It’s economical. It is the ability to attract workers. I hope he is. If it fails to establish sustainable mobility, Quebec will be lost. Quebec City, the region, and Quebec. In 2023, the challenges of sustainable mobility in Quebec shine. He is the leader of the sustainable movement, he has that in his title as minister.

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