Transform your body with this vigorous exercise routine

In the training routine the deadlift is one of the main exercises.

Adopt a daily physical activity routine It is important to keep the body in the best condition, not only to stay in shape but also because it helps prevent diseases and promote mental health.

Making exercise a habit requires perseverance and discipline Although it is important that the TRAINING be of the whole body. Sometimes the duration of training, or the type of routine performed, does not matter because it is only important to move the body in different ways but daily.

The sessions of HIIT They are good for shaping, and strengthening your muscles and, in addition, they give you more energy to face the day. The great thing about it is TRAINING so it doesn’t take much time nor do you need any special equipment.

HIIT training

HIIT training stands for Short-term high-intensity exercise routines, with rest intervals. This type of activity is efficient and speeds up the metabolism after exercise.

This happens because the body works hard so that the muscles can recover after doing such an intense routine and continue to carry oxygen to the body.

This kind of routine should be done in Progressive form especially if you have no prior exercise. The most important thing to do in HIIT is to be aware of the technique to avoid any kind of damage.

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Doing HIIT allows you to do a full body workout and in just 20 minutes and a pair of dumbbells, it’s an effective routine.

The routine is usually done by compound exercises They help improve mobility and increase intensity as the body allows.

20-minute exercise routine

Before doing the training This is important to warm up for a few minutes to prevent injuries and prepare the body for physical activity.

The routine consists of 5 exercises high intensity, each of which must be performed within 40 seconds do squat thrusts and burpees at the time 20 seconds and rest 30 seconds before the next exercise.

Squat thrust or burpee

This exercise is added to the routine to maintain the heart rate. To do this you need to put your hands on the ground and your legs back imitating the plant position, then you need to jump and return to the starting position.


Dumbbells can be used for this exercise. It should be done standing holding the dumbbell in both hands and with your hips back, lower your arms until you reach your knees. Then you have to go up and tighten your gluteus, it’s important to make sure your lats are tight.

In The Training Routine The Deadlift Is One Of The Main Exercises.In the training routine, the deadlift is one of the main exercises.

Renegade Row Push-Up

This exercise starts in a plank position with hands placed on top of dumbbells. In this position, you have to do a push-up with them and every time you go up you have to raise one arm towards the ribs and then lower it back to the ground.

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Rowing Push-Ups Are An Ideal Exercise. Rowing push-ups are an ideal exercise.

It must be repeated on the other side for 40 seconds. The core muscles must be activated during the exercise to avoid injuries.

Lateral lunge

At the beginning of this exercise, your feet should be together, and keep the weight of the dumbbell in both hands at chest height. Then you need to take a step to the right, bend your leg and go down, while the other leg remains straight.

    This Is The Third Exercise In The 20-Minute Routine.  Photo Shutterstock. This is the third exercise in the 20-minute routine. Photo Shutterstock.

This exercise should be repeated on both legs and is effective in strengthening the abdomen, glutes, abductors, and thighs.

Push press

This exercise is done standing with two dumbbells held outside the shoulders and elbows bent. You need to tighten your central muscle known as the core and lower yourself into a squat, push the floor with your feet, and forcefully rise by raising the dumbbells over your head.

Russian twists or lateral abdominals

Another Abdominal Variable Is Alternating Legs And Elbows. Another abdominal variable is alternating legs and elbows.

This exercise routine ends with abdominal exercises, which are done sitting in a V position with the knees bent at 90 degrees, and with dumbbells on the chest, you must rotate from side to side on the side. This is an ideal exercise to strengthen the oblique abdominals.

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This comprehensive training helps strengthen the whole body, and lack of time is no longer an excuse because this routine can be done at home and requires little time. It is ideal for strengthening muscles and improving mobility.

It is important to note that to notice the changes in the body it is important to be regular, add healthy eating habits, and rest at least 8 hours a day.

Care and prevention before HIIT

Before you start a HIIT routine, it’s important to take good care of your health. precautions important. Consulting with a healthcare professional, such as your doctor or physical therapist, is important to assess your current physical condition and determine if HIIT is appropriate. Making sure you don’t have pre-existing medical conditions that can be affected by this type of exercise is important. In addition, a proper warm-up before a HIIT session and listening to your body during training are important methods to avoid injuries. Prevention and attention to your well-being are basic steps to enjoy the benefits of HIIT safely and effectively.