Travel lover, sea admirer and Gremio fan: who is the Brazilian woman found dead in a bathtub in Australia

 Travel lover, sea admirer and Gremio fan: who is the Brazilian woman found dead in a bathtub in Australia |  Rio Grande do Sul

“Anyone who knows me knows that I come from the sea. Oh, how I love the beach”, he wrote in a post about Maceió.

Born in Canoas, in the Metropolitan Region of Porto Alegre, he praised his origins in publications. In one of them, Catiúscia used a filter with the inscription “proud to be gaucho”. In another photo, the teacher appears wearing a Grêmio shirt, the team he supports, in a football stadium.

“His childhood, his youth, his life and his friends are all from Rio Grande do Sul. He left there at the age of 32, when he went to live in Manaus”, said Catiúscia’s mother, Eliaide Machado.

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According to Eliaide, her daughter traveled to Australia in March 2022 to study English. The teacher plans to return to Brazil in June 2024.

“I always talk to him in the morning, he always tells me that he is very happy, everything is good. He even taught some Brazilian children there and showed me some photos, always good”, added the mother .

The victim’s boyfriend, also Brazilian, was identified as a suspect and arrested. Catiúscia and the man met more than a year ago, in Vila Velha, Espírito Santo. They traveled together in the country of Oceania.

It is said that the suspect attacked the teacher during the dispute. Afterwards, he fell into the bathtub. The Australian police were called by the neighbours.

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“They both worked, they rented an apartment, he bought a car. For me, 100% of his life was there with him. That’s what he passed on to us”, pointed out the mother.

According to Eliaide, the daughter is from widowhood. The son-in-law “exploited his emotional state” to start the affair.

“I don’t like him. He doesn’t give me confidence. He doesn’t talk looking into my eyes. He bows his head a lot when he talks to me. I always talk to him, this relationship is not. I want”, Eliaide showed.

The victim’s mother added that an ex of the suspect contacted the family, when the two were in Australia, to report that the man had violent behavior and that the the separation process is messy. According to Eliaide, his son-in-law is being investigated for domestic violence in Brazil.

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Catiúscia’s body will undergo an autopsy to determine the cause of death. It is the family’s intention to hold the funeral in Canoas.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, through the Consulate General of Brazil in Sydney, announced that it “remains available to provide consular assistance to the family of the Brazilian national”.