Travel to Israel. Mexico issues recommendations; here we will tell you which Millennium Group

 Travel to Israel.  Mexico issues recommendations;  here we will tell you which Millennium Group

Because of the conflict experienced in Israel after the attack suffered by Hamas, the Mexican government issued some recommendations for nationals living in that country or for people who need to travel towards there, to whom he asked to take extreme caution and listen to the instructions of the local authorities.

About a thousand people—600 in Israel and nearly 400 in Gaza—died in two days of war between Israel and the Islamist movement Hamas who captured a hundred Israelis in an offensive that shocked the Jewish State.

The first Minister Benjamin Netanyahu asked Israelis to prepare for a “long and difficult” war and the army announced that it would evacuate all residents of areas near Gaza Strip.

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The offensive launched on Saturday by land, sea and air by Hamas, which governs Gaza, has so far left more than 600 Israelis dead and 2,000 injured, 200 of them in “critical condition,” the government reported. .

Loss bombing launched in response by Israel against Gaza They caused 370 deaths and 2,200 injuries, the Palestinian enclave’s Ministry of Health said.

The Israeli government also indicated that Hamas captured “more than 100” people in its attack, taking them as “prisoners.”

Recommendations from Mexico to travel to Israel

1. Download the Traveller’s Guide phone application, where you can:

  • Receive alerts on your mobile phone in cases of emergency
  • Contact the Mexican Embassy in Israel to request consular assistance or protection. You can also visit the website:
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2. Sign up for Registration System for Mexicans Abroad (SIRME) so that Mexican authorities can contact you in the event of an emergency. You can do this through the site

3. Stay aware of alerts issued by Civil Defense Command.

What to do in an emergency in Israel?

  • Identify a safe place in your home and workplace
  • Look for a room with the smallest windows, as there is a risk that mirrors and glass may break.
  • Keep an emergency kit with: battery operated radio, cell phone charger, water, non-perishable food, flashlight, fire extinguisher, first aid kit, and a copy of your personal documents
  • Identify the nearest public shelter by calling 106
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If emergency alarms are activated in Israel, you should follow some recommendations such as:

1. If you are inside a building or house, go to a safe area designated within the area and avoid windows.

2. If you are outside, enter a nearby building, otherwise, lie on the ground and protect your head with both hands.

3. If you are driving, stop the car on the side of the road and go to a nearby building, but if not, get down on the ground and protect your head with both hands.


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