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Traveling and eating is a pleasure, but without the poison. Some advice

We have a few days left for the holidays so that we can disconnect a bit and some lucky ones can travel too. These food safety tips can help you avoid food poisoning while traveling.

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Traveling and eating is a pleasure, but better without the risk

If you are one of those great envious people who would enjoy getting to know other places in the world, there are a few things you should keep in mind Advice refering to Food safety while traveling. To know a place well, knowing the local culinary is recommended, even essential. This will make our experience even more rewarding.

but, if we don’t know keys To reduce food exposure, Our the trip will be ruined spend too much time Looking for a … toilet.

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Like the show you wanna watch, the show you’re going to eat

Which poisons occur more often?

it is bacteria they are the reason Intoxication more generally. They may sound familiar to you, yes, and not from acquaintances they are less killjoy (because it is positive).

  • Salmonella: You’ll find it in almost any type ready to eat foodpoorly refrigerated, egg derivatives, raw egg or water.
  • e coli: In raw meat or unwashed vegetables, Very specific if hygienic measures such as hand washing are not followed or the water is contaminated. Food stalls in markets have a lot in common.
  • Norovirus: typical “Grip Intestines”, When you hear that people have gotten drunk on a cruise ship, it’s usually because of this virus. With the right hygienic measures you can stop the spread.
  • Listeria: poorly refrigerated fruits, vegetables, Unchilled Sausage, Thing freshly made raw milk
  • Campylobacter: especially undercooked chicken
  • In high-risk countries, shigella In dirty vegetables or even Anger in polluted water.

For your own sake, don’t take it that way “Bah, it won’t be for him” Why? Yes it is.

Get Poison Under Control (or Close to It)

  • Spend some time getting to know what the food is like in the area where you are traveling. It is wrong to assume that everyone eats like us. as you plan the route monuments to see, Plan where and how are you going to eat, And do you know anyone It would be a good idea to have a good idea of ​​who has been to that area before you. consult him What did he get right and above all, what he didn’t. Another good option is to get a good travel Guide, increasingly, they include IInformation about gastronomy.
  • water caution, If you travel abroad, find out if it can be consumed straight or it is better to use bottled water and of course, Do not forget that the water used for washing fruits, teeth, ice, etc. they count too, In the case of water-based drinks, it is important that they are boiled long enough to avoid potential intoxication.
  • Allergies, One reason allergies are on the rise is because we have access to food For those of us who haven’t before. our body doesn’t know them And we can suffer hypersensitivity reactions.
  • Street food, In many areas (and more during parties) we can find street food stall, extreme caution with this issue because hygienic measures and Controls made are too few, Circumstances themselves do not allow this to happen otherwise, so if you want to save yourself the possibility of spending a couple of days in the hotel bathroom … very careful with this.
  • avoid raw food Or half-baked these are foods preferred by bacteria,
Roasted Food
Be especially wary of street food stalls.

Keep in mind that the risk in food is different depending on the country you travel to, there are 3 categories,

  • low risk: USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Europe.
  • Medium risk: Eastern Europe, South Africa and some areas of the Caribbean islands.
  • high risk: Most of Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Mexico, and Central and South America.

If you’ve read this it’s too late…

If, despite taking all measures, you have diarrhea, vomiting… you can take on board a kit with rehydration pouch Oral that you dissolve in (boiled) water prevent salt loss because of which a Enteritis. If possible, go to the health center. never, never use drink hypertonic that they recommend for athletes (in fact they are not even valid for them). they have too much sugar And mineral salts are not prepared in the required quantity.

Enjoy the journey, the cooking, the customs… and follow all the necessary measures so that you can live the wonderful travel experience. And don’t forget to check if you need to get vaccinated, I think you want to come back, don’t you?

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