Travis Kelce And Taylor Swift Are On The Same Billboard Charts Together

Travis Kelce And Taylor Swift Are On The Same Billboard Charts Together

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift are currently the hottest couple on the planet, making headlines every time they are seen together. This week, they can be found near a pair of Billboard charts, despite Kelce not being known as a musician, and the fact that they did not collaborate on any projects.

Both Swift and Kelce claimed at least one top 10 hit this week Billboard chart. Interestingly, they do not overlap in this respect, with only one of them securing a position within the top tier of each tally, while the other sits below the top slot.

On the Digital Song Sales chart, Swift reigns supreme, debuting her new release, “You’re Losing Me,” at No. This latest feat gives the superstar his record-extending 28th lead.

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Ahead of the Digital Song Sales chart, Kelce and his brother Jason are barely hanging on, sitting at No. 25 with “Fairytale of Philadelphia,” their charity cover of a Christmas classic. The tune sold just under 1,800 copies over the course of the tracking period, enough to land it in last place after peaking at No. 4.

On the Holiday Digital Song Sales chart, the fortunes of the two are reversed. The Kelce brothers sit at No. 9 on the tally listing America’s best-selling tracks under the “holiday” label. Their smash was placed at No. 1 last week, but they were replaced at the summit by Cher’s “DJ Play a Christmas Song.”

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Not far behind her new beau, Swift returned to the Holiday Digital Song Sales chart with her seasonal smash, “Christmas Tree Farm.” The song reappears at No. 12, after once rose as high as the runner-up rung.

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