Travis Kelce denies he is proposing to Taylor Swift

Travis Kelce denies he is proposing to Taylor Swift

Madrid, Spain.

Travis Kelce is very focused before the important match to be played in Las Vegas this Sunday, February 11.

His team, the Kansas City Chiefs, will face the San Francisco 49ers in the grand finale of the American Football League, the Super Bowl, a match that has drawn more headlines in recent weeks due to the possible appearance of singer Taylor. Swift, the athlete’s girlfriend, due to her sporting relevance.

So much so, that a reporter took advantage of a brief interview with Travis Kelce to investigate his emotional future, asking him directly if, in addition to the Super Bowl championship ring, the player intends to proudly wear another jewel, which In her case, her intention to marry the pop star would be proven. “If you win this Sunday are we going to see another ring besides the Super Bowl?” He addressed him simply.

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The question echoes rumors that the player will ask the singer to marry him on Valentine’s Day, or failing that, next July, when the couple will celebrate their first year of dating.

True to his experience and the spirit that characterizes his interactions with the press, Travis Kelce skillfully sidesteps the issue, making it clear that “right now” he has only one objective in mind, so he are not in the business of satisfying the curiosity that their non-sports life arouses.

“I’m just focused on getting this ring, that’s what my mind is focused on right now,” Kelce said.

Travis Kelce’s statements must be put within the context of the condemnation he has received from some fans of both his team and the NFL in general.

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Some sectors of the public believe that Taylor Swift’s presence in the stadiums where the athlete plays would be a “distraction” for the player, and also for the journalists and experts who comment on the games on television.

In that sense, Patrick Mahomes, teammate of Travis Kelce and great star of the City Chiefs, recently came out in defense of the couple to refute these allegations.

“People think this Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce thing is a big deal, and it is, because it is. But I think it’s bigger for some of the fan bases than the people that are inside,” Mahomes explained to ESPN Network.

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