Trending: Fawad Khan Makes Grand Miss Marvel Entry And The Internet Can’t Keep Calm

Trending: Fawad Khan Makes Grand Miss Marvel Entry And The Internet Can't Keep Calm

Fawad Khan in Miss Marvel Episode 5 (courtesy: huzzi_123,

New Delhi:

Pakistani actor Fawad Khan finally makes a grand entry in the series of Marvel Cinematic Universe Ms. MarvelAnd the internet decides it’s been worth the wait. Fawad looks good Ms. Marvel, in its fifth episode, and serves to reveal more details about the legacy of protagonist Kamala Khan. Kamala, one of the MCU’s two South-Asian superheroes (starring Kumail Nanjiani) Eternal Kingo), played by Canadian actress Iman Vellani. Kamala is a Pakistani-American teenager who gains superpowers from a bracelet given to her by her grandmother. in episode 5 of Ms. MarvelIn , fans were introduced to Fawad Khan as Hassan, a freedom fighter in the British Raj who falls in love with Ayesha, from another dimension who is attempting to return home. Hassan and Ayesha, played by actress Mehwish Hayat, are Kamala’s great-grandfathers.

As Hasan, Fawad Khan gets to show his limits, which includes both romantic scenes with Ayesha and dramatic in his role as a freedom fighter. Twitter is thrilled and Fawad Khan has been one of the top trends since then Ms. Marvel The episode aired. A fan was overwhelmed by the Hasan-Aisha dynamic, writing: “Gaud, Mehwish Hayat and Fawad Khan’s chemistry in the new episode (Icede) of Miss Marvel.”

Sharing snippets of Fawad’s expressions from the episode, another fan wrote, “We can all agree Fawad Khan is JUST in Miss Marvel Episode 5” with the hashtag #MsMarvel.

One tweet critically examined the episode’s impeccable depiction of one of history’s most disturbing chapters: “The fifth episode of #MsMarvel tackles a dark period in history and examines generational trauma not intimidating, but with short runtimes.” The flashback makes the sequence feel rushed. Fawad Khan and Mehvish Hayat are great together, even though their relationship seems to be half-baked.”

Fawad Khan “was the sole owner of this episode,” read a tweet.

This fan was totally taken for granted: “Fawad Khan in the MCU is a day I never thought I’d see but I loved every second of it.”

Ms. Marvel It has been praised for its comprehensive depiction of South-Asian culture and traditions. The cast includes a slew of Pakistani and Indian actors and Fawad Khan isn’t the only mainstream star in the series – Farhan Akhtar appeared in a pivotal role in the fourth episode as Waleed, a vigilante leader who helps take out Kamala. Because he is being followed. Karachi.

Other important roles Ms. Marvel Played by Mohan Kapoor, Zenobia Shroff, Matt Lintz, Yasmin Fletcher, Samina Ahmed and Sagar Shaikh. The series streams on Disney+ Hotstar with a new episode airing every Wednesday.


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