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Tress, the metaverse that will change the way you look at life

Since the advent of the first computer, society has become increasingly sedentary and each of us is always looking for new incentives to improve our experience as users. The next step is very close to all our devices, and in fact it is not a fantasy, but already a reality. And now you will ask yourself what is the alternative?

It is believed to be a way of rediscovering the world in an alternative way, something new and shocking that will give us a chance to move and socialize with our loved ones and even meet new people from around the world . This option is made by the project team Thracian Metaverse, to bring this new world closer to many more people, help you step out of your comfort zone, and see it differently. We can explore everything around us, with friends or family—and even make new friends!—practically from our phone.

team of tracehave generated augmented reality metaverse Which is now available to all. Only with a smartphone we can see another reality in our own, because currently they manage to solve many of the problems that we face metaverse Generating this option to be able to bring it closer to more users.

To start, we just have to activate and design our character so that it is available in the application trace, and then go out and explore our world. This option is just another way to go out, chat and meet other people in real life, but in a different way, and that’s what the Trace team is working on. Living in an alternate reality, within our reality, is already possible.

a new trend that’s here to stay

Although we all remember many of the options that other projects have offered us before, some of them are very new, such as the game based on Geolocation, among others. team back Thracian Metaverse is working so that this augmented reality project will change our perception and the rules of the game forever.

it is said that augmented realityThis will be one of the biggest changes we will experience with greater intensity in 2023, thanks to all these great teams of developers making it possible to take full advantage of all the possibilities of our devices to enjoy these unique experiences Huh. ,

In addition to Metaverse, the Trace team has been creating and developing its own geolocation platform for over 4 years. Metaphor Project It has received great feedback from experts in all fields of game development projects, who are smitten by the idea of ​​the Metaverse and the growth of the community.

sustainability, the future of trace

we’ve been talking a lot about the possibilities Trace’s Metaverse might offer to us as users, but what about the stability behind it?

In addition to transforming the way we interact or run our businesses, the metaverse can bring us closer to the reality of sustainability, driving new consumer experiences that are also intertwined with the environment.

team of trace Argues and promotes that humanity must change its habits, its way of moving and the world in order to be more sustainable, as there can be no alternative reality without a healthy real world. One of the ways in which they are working is that users will be able to take care of the environment as it will provide an opportunity to earn money for the use of sustainable vehicles like electric bicycles. The Metaverse will be encouraged by the growing popularity of creating zero emissions and reducing carbon footprint by implementing new modes of transport, so that it can be improved “from within”. In other words, if we encourage users with rewards or prizes for the use of these transports, we will – without realizing it – manage to make the planet we live on better, faster and more efficient. In a proper way.

One of the next points they are working on is to create an application where players can follow their progress, move from place to place and see how their carbon footprint decreases and Thus how are they improving everything around them in a permanent way.

Some new functionalities—thanks to blockchain technology—NFTs are likely to travel in the car where we’ll find nft trace vehicleAn initiative that will allow users to earn ACE tokens and drive for certain distances, improve vehicle attributes and level up.

First things first, safety at the wheel

team of traceEmphasizes that users should take necessary precautions while using the app while driving in their daily life.

It has been specifically developed to try to reduce accidents and traffic violations with the “drive-to-earn” mode, where users will receive a notification requesting that Avoid distractions, and above all don’t play games, as they could seriously put your life at risk.

One of the most important points that developers keep in mind is that they are not too worried if other similar projects try to copy their system as they believe that the market will be healthy and mature. Competition is important. It is impossible to improve without competition.

Is there a market?

Currently, there is not high and global interest in most innovative projects of the “play-to-earn” type in South and Southeast Asia, but still, they believe their mission is to educate the world about the great potential they hold. have to do with what the Metaverse – and its surroundings – can offer these less technologically advanced regions.

Such is the motivation that they believe that users from these countries could also be the main potential users of the new metaverse, as they expect millions of people to benefit from the added income in addition to the experience.

Short and long term benefits for players and companies

trace Wants to become the number one “play-to-earn” platform in the market, in record time, as it also has the backing of some of the most powerful blockchains already implemented, such as Polygon, as its developers There has been a lot of interest in the project.

metaverse It is expected to attract many players, as we mentioned earlier, because it is based on geolocation, many brands and businesses around the world are interested in buying and selling key points to create their own marketing campaigns. And as such, thanks to these collaborations will open up the possibility of creating a circular economy.

Let us give an example, in case a brand buys or rents some space Thracian Metaverse To carry out some of your marketing activities, it would be a new way to attract all the users in real life, or even to generate a new and notable impression to make yourself known. In fact, it will undoubtedly be a very powerful new form of online marketing.

The profit for the players would be very simple indeed. As you play, you will play and earn rewards for completing certain objectives, earning you tokens and therefore income.

Where does Trace get its income from?

To support this entire project, and thus make it sustainable, Trace and his team receive profits for their association with brands, referral commissions, in-game purchases, and in-app advertising. Thanks to the advertising support in burning tokens and the development of the project to provide its users with another level of experience. Already known ACE and TRC are two tokens the project is working with, the first is unlimited and the second is limited to five million.

In order to start the project in a different way, and to really achieve its full potential, the Trace team is working on opening up new markets such as India and Brazil, which refers to cryptocurrencies, as these countries have There are experts in the field, but it is not as popular as in other corners of the world.

Despite all this, we hope that Thracian Metaverse will be enriched and it will soon be fully available to enjoy it to its full potential.

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