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Tried and True Methods of Developing Your YouTube Channel From Scratch

You’ve likely read guide after guide about how to be successful on social platforms. Most of them will tell you to build a following or just be authentic. And while these tips are absolutely true, sometimes you just need to start with the basics, right? 

After all, perhaps you need to know exactly what to do to build a following. How can you really be authentic and still attract followers? It’s a lot to figure out. We totally get it. And that’s what brings us right here. 

In this, get a small glimpse at how you can develop your YT channel from scratch and make it worth millions of likes, views, and comments! 

It’s easier said than done, but there are some great little tips that really matter. For example, did you know that you can always buy cheap YouTube likes just to give a video a little bit of momentum? Sometimes the key to really growing your channel is helping yourself find people for the channel. 

1. Start at the VERY Beginning

We’re not just talking about setting up a YouTube account but also setting up a google account. You see, you’re going to want ties to Google to help be able to maneuver the search engine world and advertising and things like that. 

If we’re starting from scratch, we’re going right to the startup phase. Before you head on over to the Tube to get started, instead begin with Google. After all, Google owns YT so it’s mutually beneficial. 

Make sure the G account that you create has a username that you can somehow correlate with what you plan your YT account to be. 

Once you get that set up, you can head over to YouTube and create your channel. Use the Google account to sign in and keep these two accounts compatible and intertwined. 

2. Create Masterpiece Content

Establishing your channel and going through the steps of perfecting the details will be essential. Setting a profile and creating a place that is aesthetic and attractive really counts for a lot. But the most essential piece of developing this channel is going to be creating content and getting likes. 

Do you know how the algorithm works? The basic concept is that the more people view your content or like your content, the more visibility that you get. So in order to be visible and lots of likes, you have to first be seen. Sometimes this takes a little bit of groundwork to make it happen. 

3. Use the Tools Available to You

On the YouTube platform, you have a whole host of tools that can help you. But since we’re starting from scratch, you need to learn how to use them and how to make them work for you. Educate yourself on the different tools and put them to work. 

YouTube provides you with a lot of different resources. And those little details might just make the biggest impact on you. You see, you need to make your content searchable and relatable. So those video titles and video descriptions are probably the most important part of your video. This is what gets you the click to start! 

From there, a custom thumbnail is also valuable. If they scroll past your video and it’s a blurry screen, a weird face, or a black screen, they will likely scroll on. But if you set it up with a custom thumbnail that attracts them, you’re already rising above

4. Analyze and Modify

Do you know what doesn’t work very well? Creating content that you never look back at again. Sure, you’re being authentic or whatever so you just leave it be. And for some reason, your account is growing. Your videos aren’t getting hardly any likes. 

It must just be the algorithm against you. 

Sure, that is probably part of the problem. But some of the problems are simply that you aren’t paying attention to the details. Maybe it’s the time of day you’re posting content. Perhaps some people like this one thing you do, but they don’t care for another thing. 

In order to really develop your YT account, you need to learn and adjust. The analytics that you have available to you is pretty great. They tell you all of the pertinent information about who is and who is not watching your stuff. 

Use this information to build. Learn the ways that you can possibly make adjustments to what you’re doing and be more successful. Start by tweaking one small thing that you gather from the data. See how that works. 

And then monitor to see if your changes work. It’s possible you will be constantly adjusting and tweaking small details. Eventually, you will find what really works. Just keep going, and you’ll see the number of likes growing. 

5. Don’t Just Use YouTube

One of the biggest mistakes that people make is thinking they can just create their channel and never promote it elsewhere. You have to promote your channel and you need to use sources outside of YT to do it. 

Let’s start with Google. It’s a search engine. You can pay for ads and find yourself ranking higher for certain searches. You can also optimize keywords and SEO details to make yourself more likely to show up in a search. 

Then we have a website. This may not be the right fit for every Tuber, but if you have products or services, you should also have a website. From there, we move down the ranks to other social media platforms. 

These are great spots to promote your stuff and get seen. You have a whole new audience, a wider exposure, and it’s going to help draw in a lot more viewers and likes for you. You can’t rely on YT alone to find your growth. You’ve got to reach out. 

6. Figure Out Branding

You don’t necessarily have to figure out the minute details of your branding right from the beginning. But you will want to do it pretty quickly. People will start recognizing your brand and associating it with things that relate to you. 

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Branding has to do with how you represent, your logos, and even color guide strategies. It’s the representation of your YouTube channel, as well as any associated business. Branding helps you stand out in the field and sets you apart from competitors. 

Before you grow too large, add artwork and branding to your channel. Create a logo and a banner and integrate things that go with the brand outlook you’re going for. Look at any other popular channel and see what they’ve done. How can you use that to create a visual that really represents YOUR brand?

This makes you stand out, and it’s a vital piece that so many people don’t even think about until they suddenly have no choice. 

Final Thoughts

These simple steps may seem like things you already know about but think about the details. Are you really doing these things, and are you doing them right? 

Timing and details are everything in a technological world. Once you hone in on the details, you can really start to build and develop your channel into something great. 

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