True leaders do not deceive their followers

True leaders do not deceive their followers.

Aristotle showed that in matters of love, there is no mask that covers it if there is one; but not where not either.

Something similar applies to the truth, after all there is no way to hide the truth, and the lie ends up showing itself.

In life, we can pretend for some time, trying to imitate things and pretend not to be honest and sincere. At the end of the day, the truth emerges and things are finally as they are.

True leaders are recognized for their true honesty, values ​​and achievement in expressing their straightforward ability to care for and serve their followers. Well, people are finally realizing things as they really are. The common sense and simplicity of the people when seeing how things work becomes a living testimony of their leader’s conformity.

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People can be fooled by the theater and action of politicians, because it has become an art that actors and simulation professionals know very well. But at the end of the day there comes a time when the masks fall, the makeup wears off, the clothes need to be redone and the lie finds its end.

Many of us think about psychology why we can hide the truth of things, and make a long chain of lies, to hide the truth of things. And the answer, which is not simple, by the way, is that the lie has that quality, it can be extended, it is elastic, it can change, it can always disguise itself; until it reached a point where it could no longer be sustained and reality prevailed. This is what happens to great actors or magicians, their tricks in front of the audience, the characters in their films or plays, the true characteristics of the actor are discovered.

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At last the true face appears, without false stage, without disguising what it wants to show.

If politicians pass the test of reality, of difficult events, and continue to show the qualities they say they have, nothing will happen, they will be true leaders and leaders. But when the demands of tragedies and big problems cause the makeup to melt and the mask to fall, then human reality is revealed.

The tragedy of Acapulco and its devastating storm tested Mexico’s political system, its politicians, its leaders, its officials and the people of the town.

Let’s see what material we are made of and who are the real leaders and leaders and who are not.

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