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True story of woman who became ‘pregnant’ after being shot

Perhaps you have read so many stories about a woman who was hit by a stray bullet and died instead of dying. She became pregnant and gave birth to a son in an unimaginable way.

Article Attention gynecologists! Notes from the Journal of the CSA Hospital and Field Surgeon’ Dr. Legrand G. Capers in ‘The American Medical Weekly’. In this writing he told The story of a woman who became pregnant when a bullet hit her in the lower abdomen, However, how real was it?

According to Capers, the story was initially developed in 1863, when the Battle of Gettysburg broke out between July 1 and 3 in Pennsylvania. Historians around the world classify it as the conflict with the least casualties in an American country, as it is estimated that at least 50,000 people lost their lives.

So much blood was shed in three days, the screams, the sound of gunfire, the strong winds, and the desolation of the inhabitants went down in the history of the United States. But, one case in particular came to the fore that puzzled the medicine and science of that decade.

According to a story published in The American Medical Weekly, a young woman was on her farm when soldiers from northern and southern states exchanged gunfire in separate villages. in that moment, A bullet seriously hit the young woman and she is believed to have become pregnant.

Is it true or false?

This is detailed in an article published on November 7, 1874 A stray bullet entered the lower part of a soldier’s penis and later entered the female’s reproductive tract, at least 30 meters away, impregnating her.

The editor said in his story that the matter was reported by a surgeon who had treated both men that afternoon. As the soldier fell from the gravity of the bullet, a young farm girl screamed for help after being hit by a stray bullet.

From the genitals to the woman’s reproductive system, this is how the funny story of the girl getting pregnant happened.

Thanks to the efficiency of the doctor, both the warrior and the resident were swiftly saved from near death. According to the article, however, the soldier lost his left testicle and, without explanation, the same day the villager became pregnant.

After the birth of a small child, it would have been possible to verify he was the son of the soldier who was also killed that day, However, the woman assured on several occasions that she was a virgin, so she had no answer for her surprising and enigmatic pregnancy. Undoubtedly, an inexplicable case of confusion in medicine.

The improbable coincidence had an explanation: according to the story, the doctor indicated that the bullet that had pierced the soldier’s testicle was the one that had gotten the teen pregnant, because penetrated the female through the male intimate organs, thus achieving fertilization without possible arguments,

The woman’s child was reportedly born with abnormalities.

a total invention

According to the curious story, the infant was born with an anomaly in his testicle, which explains how and why the teenager strangely became pregnant.

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“From the child’s scrotum he extracted a ball which, on the 12th of May, shattered the tibia of my young friend, and in its mutilated state, fell through his testicles, carrying with it particles of semen and spermatozoa into the abdomen young woman, then through her left ovary, and into the uterus, thus impregnating her! There could be no other solution to the event! I expressed these convictions to the family and, at their request, my young soldier friend put the matter in the proper light. At first, naturally, he was skeptical, but he decided to meet the young mother. Whether he is convinced or not, he soon married her, before The child was four months old,” read part of the article, implying that these were the words of the purported doctor.

Although the article deals with topics that are solid in medicine, the whole story is a satire of sorts.

It should be noted that, in fact, this matter has not yet been proven in medicine or science. There is no evidence that a woman can become pregnant after having the shot.

Moreover, Capers presented this fact in the year 1874 in a way Joke to refer to the countless unreal stories often read about wars and battles according to the article ‘Bullet Babies: The Repetitive Nature of Medical Deception’.

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Even then The editor clarified that this was not true, Some media, such as the British medical journal ‘The Lancet’, reprinted parts of this article, which were cited for sections of his book ‘Anomalies and Curiosities of Medicine’. It was used by Dr.F. Donald Napolitani in his 1959 article, ‘Two Unusual Cases of Gunshot Wounds in the Uterus’ for the ‘New York State Journal of Medicine’.

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