Trump gains Shakespeare confidence in new ’47th’ game

LONDON ( Associated Press) – Whether or not to run – that question worries Donald Trump about Shakespeare’s recent and future American politics in Mike Bartlett’s “The 47th” drama.

The theme of the play at the Old Vick Theater in London is the next president of the United States. The plot depicts the 2024 general election in which former Trump (45th), President Joe Biden (46th), Vice President Kamala Harris and Trump’s daughter Ivanka are all key players.

The game opens with Mar-A-Lago’s retirement with Trump, whether he will return to his role as a major player in the riots and whether he will succeed – and at what cost. They are not documents that are a fantasy of power, democracy and democracy.

Part of the theater was deliberately written in blank verses, citing Shakespeare’s plots. One moment Trump, like King Lee, decides which of his children to replace; Next up is Richard III, plotting to seize the crown.

This is the technique used by English playwright Bartlett in 2014 to bring about a powerful effect on King Charles III, who is contemplating the future of British Crown Prince Charles.

“I like the boldness and boldness of the game,” said actor Berti Carvel, who has had an amazing and perhaps award-winning performance as Trump. “It’s very funny and fun, but it’s definitely not comedy.”

Carvel, who played a major role in James Graham’s “Color” drama in 2017, and media outlet Rupert Mordock, said it was “not an abduction.” In that drama, he ceased to make the audience a huge underdog for the billionaire.

He faced a more difficult test by playing Trump, few people are neutral. “I know, you hate me,” said Carvel Trump, half-mocking the audience.

Carvel claims to be an “advocate” for all of the characters he plays, including Miss Trunchbull in Matilda the Musical in London and New York;

“You can be a very good defender as a lawyer without believing that the man is innocent,” said British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

“My job is to give things a ring of truth and to create someone who can be trusted and read.”

Bartlett’s script states: “He took Trump and Trump seriously. And again, these would mean that you have to spend for these processes.

In real life, the 44-year-old British actor does not look like Trump. On stage, the similarity is quite impressive. As the first entrance rolls onto the golf course, the audience sighs.

“What we wanted to achieve was to be able to put the issue in front of the audience, ‘Oh! That’s it! ‘”Said Carvel, a costume designer who thanked Evey Gurney for packaging the change, man-made and wig.

Lydia Wilson makes an equally convincing transition to Ivanka Trump, with her perfect hair, stylish skirts and stiletto heels. In the game, Ivanka is her father’s favorite child, a right-hand woman – and a rival.

Wilson Ivanka, who posted Kate Middleton in “King Charles III”, said he was slipping into a coma.

“I felt like I was in Bentley or Rolls-Royce for the first time,” Wilson said. “I said, ‘Oh, she has.’ It is very interesting to play with who or what in this picture.

Wilson, who credits Star Trek Beyond and Kenneth Branag’s Shakespeare film “Everything is true,” feels as if she is having a quiet conversation with Trudeau’s audience every night.

“I think we know these people,” she said. “It’s fun to try and cheat and play there.

“Every night is different.”

London critics have praised the actors, including Tamara Tunin as a strong Harris, but vary in the impact of the game. The Daily Telegraph found that under the heading Polish, there was a “significant shortage of nutrients”, but The Guardian felt that “we are still very close to Trump.”

But The Times praised Trump’s ingenuity and shortcomings, giving him a “47th” rating for “liberal, metropolitan looting the old Vik people.”

“King Charles III” traveled from London’s Almeda Theater to Broadway. Could the old Vick run the “47th” after the race on May 28? Carvel, who won the Tony Award for Matilda, and Carvel, who won the color “Tony”, thinks this is “fun.”

“I think it would be electric to work closer to the center of the vortex,” he said.



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