Trump leads Biden in four of six battleground states

Trump leads Biden in four of six battleground states

On Monday one of his main perceived challengers, Robert F Kennedy, announced that he would instead stand as an independent candidate.

Kennedy, whose campaign slogan was “declare your freedom”, ran a populist campaign targeting the two main parties, Wall Street and pharmaceutical companies.

He is an anti-vaccine activist and has announced his intention to “spoil” the election for Mr Biden and Mr Trump by winning over their supporters.

However, despite the conventional wisdom that Mr Kennedy’s campaign would be more damaging for Mr Trump, The Telegraph’s poll suggests Mr Biden will suffer more in a three-way race.

If Mr Kennedy’s name was included on a hypothetical ballot paper, Mr Trump would be ahead of Mr Biden in five of the six swing states surveyed, and tied with Mr Biden in Pennsylvania, the sixth.

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Close call

The survey showed that Mr Kennedy would win seven percent of the vote in Michigan, eight percent in Georgia, Florida and Arizona, and nine percent in Pennsylvania and North Carolina.

Philip van Scheltinga, the Director of Research at Redfield & Wilton Strategies who conducted the research, said the results were disturbing reading for Mr Biden’s campaign, more than a year from polling day.

“Democrats should think carefully about whether to keep Biden as their candidate. Our poll shows that they cannot expect the rerun in 2020 to have the same result,” he said.

“If they run the same strategy as they did in 2020 — counting on voter anger for Trump — they’re going to lose.

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“2016 and 2020 are close. In both elections, it came down to 100,000 votes in three different states.

“Our polling suggests this election could be very close, with Trump winning two states he lost in 2020 (and won in 2016) and the remaining two states too close to say where they are.” go.”