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Monday, March 1, 2021

Trump was spying for Russia, the dangerous intelligence agency KGB prepared for 40 years by training!

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Trump was KGB asset: Former President of America Donald Trump and his relationship with Russia have often been questioned. His victory in the US Presidential Election in 2016 was also under question. It was alleged that Russian President Vladimir Putin interfered in the US elections to win the trump. Even hacking the presidential elections turned the results in favor of Trump. Now a former Russian spy has made a sensational claim.

This person claims that former US President Donald Trump (Trump was KGB Asset) actually spies for Russia. Russia’s dangerous intelligence agency KGB (KGB) had been training them as a spy for the last 40 years. Former KGB detective Yuri Shvets made these revelations in an interview to journalist Craig Ungar. These startling claims have been made in Craig Unger’s book American Kompromat.

Book based on interviews with many spies

This book is based on interviews with former spies of KGB and CIA. These spies include those who fled the Soviet Union. One of these, Yuri Shvets, has given information about the relationship between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Trump Trump KGB Agent. Throughout his reign, Trump refrained from making rhetoric against Putin and taking action against Russia. This detective has claimed that Trump has a long standing relationship with Russia.

KGB runs Trump’s business

According to this book, Trump’s KGB Asset’s business runs only Russia’s intelligence agency KGB. According to Ungar, the Russian detective told him that on several occasions Trump lost his business. At that time only the KGB helped him. Not only this, he also tried his hand in many new businesses of Trump, which was also helped by Russia. Several years before Trump came into politics, the KGB started helping to strengthen his relationship with him.

Training given to Trump for 40 years

The spy has also claimed that Russia has worked very long to prepare the trump. Yuri Shewet told ‘The Guardian’ that since 1980, the trump was being prepared as a good source. Shevet was appointed to Washington in the early 80s.

Why choose Trump?

In such a situation, the question arises that why did Russia choose Trump? Giving this answer, the former detective said that the biggest reason for Trump to consider himself as the best and be in ego. This is why Russia chose Trump. Trump always considered himself to be the best and Russia’s intelligence agency KGB was looking for one such person.

When did you first see Trump

In 1977, Soviet Trump’s first sight of Soviet Union officials came. At that time Trump was married to Ivana Jelnikova, a model in the Czech Republic. She was Trump’s first wife. Yuri Shevet said that in 1980, when Trump opened a hotel in New York called Grand Hyatt, hundreds of TVs were purchased from a Russian refugee at that time. He had been an agent of the Russian KGB. Just from here, Trump was seen as a future partner.

Several years ago, the president had accepted

Shewet told that in 1987 Trump went to Moscow. At that time, agents of the KGB met him. Although Trump was not aware that the person he is meeting, he is a detective. He gathered a lot of information about Trump. The KGB was convinced many years ago that Trump would definitely become the President of the US one day. When Trump became president in 2016, it was also celebrated in the KGB office.

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