Trump Weirdly Tried to Make His ‘Locker Room Talk’ All Deep

Trump Weirdly Tried to Make His 'Locker Room Talk' All Deep

Among the many things Donald Trump would list in history, he said, one of the “bravest” things of all was spending half a minute in 2016 playing his brags about groping women.

Or, at least, that’s what he says an unnamed general told him.

The former president surprisingly tried to put a deep new spin on his infamous 2016 “grab ’em by the pussy” scandal at a gala for the New York Young Republican Club in New York City on Saturday at night, suggesting that his management of fallout (so he was told) more than the bravery of war heroes.

Trump, who faces a series of criminal charges in the 2020 election, appeared increasingly nostalgic as he recalled the turmoil that befell his 2016 presidential campaign after he was heard bragging about to disapprovingly grope a leaked. Access to Hollywood tape

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“We have a meeting if it doesn’t look good,” he said, describing the scandal as one of many “inevitable situations,” and recalling how he was urged to drop out of the race just weeks into the election has not yet taken place.

“But you know, the next day, or shortly after, we had a debate… I went to that stage just a few days ago, and a general, who was an amazing general, actually said to me , ‘Sir, I’m on the battlefield, people are coming down on my left and on my right, I’m standing on the hills where the soldiers are being killed, but I think the bravest thing I’ve seen is night you went on that stage with Hillary Clinton after it happened, and that woman asked you the first question about it, and (you) said ‘locker room talk.'”

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“It was told in the locker room! What?! This is locker room talk,” Trump said.

During the October 2016 debate, Trump offered a passing non-apology for his remarks about women but denied that his “locker room talk” had anything to do with bragging about sex. attack: “I apologize to my family, I apologize to the American people, I’m sure. I’m not proud of it. But it’s a locker room talk.”