Trump’s lawyers seek to reveal secret filings in classified documents case


Attorneys for former President Donald Trump have asked the judge in his classified documents case to require the Special Counsel’s Office to allow them access to materials filed under Classified Information Procedures. Act.

The defense did not seek to disclose the classified documents, but requested that Trump’s lawyers be able to review them and that the redacted documents be filed in open court for the public and press.

“For four years, President Trump has acted on a public mandate to access the nation’s most sensitive secrets for the benefit of the nation,” his lawyers wrote in the motion. “He is the central authority on classification in the United States. Now, he is the leading candidate to reassume that role in 2025, despite the politically motivated efforts of the Biden Administration to remove him from the election — including this lawsuit.

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Trump’s lawyers – Todd Blanche, Emil Bove and Christopher Kise – said that prosecutors often unnecessarily claim that the materials should be filed under Section 4 of the Classified Information Procedures Act.

“The bottom line is that prosecutors often argue — inaccurately, and perhaps based on improper pressure from elements of the Intelligence Community that disregards the rights of criminal defendants and the right of public access – that the materials subject to a CIPA § 4 motion are too sensitive to be disclosed to the defense,” they wrote. “(Previous cases) are examples of courts rejecting in that position without the resulting parade of horrors proposed by the Special Counsel’s Office to follow its CIPA § 4 disclosure motion.”

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Trump, 77, the frontrunner for the GOP nomination to challenge incumbent President Joe Biden, has pleaded not guilty to 40 felony counts alleging he withheld sensitive military documents, shared it’s people who don’t have security clearance, and tries to thwart the government’s efforts to get them back.