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Truth or Myth: The Truth About McDonald’s Alleged Worm Meat

“The recipe hasn’t changed. They’re the same, with the same ingredients”, explains the company’s corporate director, Paloma Cabral.

By: MUI Kitchen Editorial Office

a year and a half ago McDonald’s Decided it was time to upgrade to their more traditional beef burger. Something that, though it may not seem so, is downright disruptive and historic because the California-born company in 1955 never dared to modify its most classic hamburger recipe to a quota. Despite this, this Tuesday the US multinational begins implementing “small changes” to Big Macs, Quarter Pounder, Cheeseburger and Macroyal Deluxe with the aim of “making them hotter, juicier and tastier.”

“A risky move,” as McDonald’s sources acknowledged to EL ESPAÑOL in April, but one that fills the company with hope and expectation. And daring to change what is already working is not easy. Moving on to how the company prepares for the four flagships. But they have. It’s been like an all in on poker. Or all or nothing. And, after a complex R+D+i task that has been attended by “engineers, chefs, culinary experts…”, new vintage hamburgers are launched in Spain this Tuesday.

In this way, this newspaper has access to the kitchen of one of the 550 restaurants. McDonald’s Spain and have seen what has changed. “The recipe hasn’t changed. They’re the same, with the same ingredients”, explains the company’s corporate director, Paloma Cabral. So what changes? “What changes are some of the cooking methods and preparation processes over time,” explains Isabel Garcia, the company’s restaurant manager. And this medium already advances them: Hamburgers taste the same, but better. Something contradictory and difficult to fit in a priori.

Truth or Myth: The Truth About McDonald’s Alleged Worm Meat. Photo: Spanish.

1 in the McDonald’s kitchen on Calle Esparteros, a few meters from Puerta del Sol (Madrid), this newspaper has verified the changes made. The most important, in our opinion, has to do with the meat, which is “100% beef” as usual, but the method of its preparation has changed in favor of giving it more juiciness. “Now it’s time to seal the meat while it’s on the grill—which continues to be at the same temperature—which allows it to retain all of the meat’s juices. Before, it was sealed so well.” and some of them fled”, says Garcia.

Obviously the meat is prepared “in its own juices”, which means that the most prominent ingredient of the hamburger has enhanced flavor. In addition, this newspaper has had the opportunity to try the old and revamped Big Mac, Quarter Pounder, and MacRoyal Deluxe, and the differences in palate are notable. Above all, the explosion of flavor and juiciness of Quarter Pounder meat is noticeable, as it is the thickest, but in other cases it can be perceived by consumers as well.

and improve

The twist that McDonald’s wants to give its classic hamburger has not only affected the meat in a positive way—but there have been changes—or “small changes”—in other cooking processes for the onion, cheese and hamburger buns recipe. “As the company puts it. “Now, the onion is placed on top of the hamburger which is cooked on the pan so that it caramelizes at this time,” explains Isabel Garcia. This improvement in onion preparation, very crisp on the palate. , especially noticeable in the meat of the Big Mac, is a kind of perfect marriage between hamburger and vegetable.

And speaking of vegetables, McDonald’s has also improved, for example, tomatoes and lettuce “are on the kitchen table” “so that they’re fresh”. They have reduced this waiting time by “half; 50%”, indicates Isabel Garcia. We have to consider that the longer the fresco in the open air, the lower its quality. That is why American restaurant chains have also been aware of this and optimized this parameter. We See it on top of Macaroyal Deluxe, whose tomato and lettuce crunch in the mouth, as is expected from these products. It’s also seen in pickles on the Big Mac.

The other two major changes McDonald’s introduced, on the other hand, can be seen at an organoleptic level in all hamburgers tested. One of them has to do with bread, “100% made in Spain”. This has increased its sponginess, Garcia explains, and above all is its ability to preserve the heat of the hamburger by “8 or 10 degrees more.” This is very interesting, especially for delivery services in which the time between the cooking of the hamburger and its final consumption is markedly increased. It is better to eat a hot hamburger.

Isabel Garcia and Pilar Martin, two restaurant managers, are holding new McDonald’s hamburgers. Photo: Spanish

The other perceived change has to do with cheese, which is “tempered before being placed on freshly cooked meat, thus achieving a slow melting on it.” Result: The cheese is creamier and gets better with the new juices in the burger. In fact – and I’m sorry – the cheese in the old-fashioned Big Mac was very thin, almost translucent and poorly cooked. The newer slices, the more generous, are much better and, even though they melt on the meat, they don’t give a feeling of transparency.

a world change

To replace the “risky” move, after 67 years of history, the classic hamburger recipe will be implemented not only in Spain. It is expected that, over time, the company’s 39,000 restaurants around the world will implement this new process that changes their hamburgers forever—though not their taste. This historic change has already been implemented in Spain before this Tuesday, but its global use will be gradual.

“For McDonald’s, the Spanish market has always been very important. For this reason, Spain has become one of the first countries to change the way of cooking the classic hamburger”, explains Paloma Cabral. That’s all the kitchens of 550 Spanish restaurants are “ready for change”.. Homework done.

For this reason, from April this year you can already enjoy hamburgers made with the new method. An initiative that is already in force in Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Italy, Poland, Holland, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Russia and South Korea.

*With information from El Espanol.

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