Try GWM WEY 3, a PHEV with 136 km electric range and 442 HP power

GWM WEY 03 Test

Habemus new plug-in hybrid SUV on the market and it has many interesting specifications. the Chinese and it is called GWM WEY 03. The most interesting thing, without a doubt, is this electrical autonomy which, in versions of AWD all-wheel drive (there are also front-wheel drive versions) will arrive 136 kilometers a substantial number that blows away all its competition.

The extreme figure, which is more than enough to cover typical daily distances in a large city without using the combustion engine it is due to a 34 kWh battery. As a result of this, the Official WLTP consumption Also funny: 0.5 l/100 km. Obviously, we need to see what consumption figure it offers in the combustion engine and in the discharge of the battery (we will do this if we can use a test unit for a longer time.

So far everything is very good and you can really see the effort that the group GWM made the position of his compact SUV (there is another bigger one called WEY 05) among the best in the segment. Those responsible want to beat their chests against European models such as the Volvo XC40, Cupra Formentor or VW Tiguan, although the WEY 03 is a bigger car. They left a DS 7, which I think is a direct opposite of the philosophy (the quality of its contents UY 03 surprising).

But before proceeding with its analysis SUV chinos, the question you might ask yourself is: who would buy a car like this given the incredible competition and good European products? on GWM They know that it is not an easy​​​​ task to gain a foothold and that is why they take as a potential audience those who “do not have or feel attached to any brand.”

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Gwm Wey 03 Test

Unlike other Chinese brands such as BYD, which have 100% electric products, GWM does it with more reasonable proposals: plug-in hybrids. That doesn’t mean they don’t have full power models, because the ORA 03 and ORA 07 They (by the way, with an exterior design that will not leave you indifferent).

The equation for WEY are as follows: many horses, large batteries and an interior based on quality, good modifications and a super fully equipped. What the new addition makes clear is that the automotive scene is more exciting than ever.

Gwm Wey 03 Test

And now yes, we are going to improve on what it has to offer UY 03. We already said that measures 4.68 meters in length, 1.73 in height and 1.89 in width (It is 20 centimeters shorter and seven narrower than UY 05 which also offers a line of coupe body).

The distance between the axles is 2,745 meters above sea level is located at 2,745 meters above sea level, an important fact when talking about a spacious and spacious interior. This data is excellent. Another interesting fact is that of towing capacity: 2,000 kilograms, the same as the upcoming Volkswagen Tiguan 2024 (the Volvco XC40 and the Mercedes GLA are left, with 1,800).

Gwm Wey 03 Test

You can find it in two versions: with 362 HP, front-wheel drive and an electric motor and then some four-wheel drive, with 442 HP and two electric motors. The batteries are the same in both cases, with a capacity of 34 kilowatt hours (kWh), but AWD achieves more autonomy in electric-only mode: 136 versus 124 kilometers.

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If I talk to you about the second version of AWD, the protagonist of this test, the structure is as follows: a turbo four cylinder engine (2.0 liters and 204 HP), received the support of two more electrical blocks, one for each axle (the first, integrated with the transmission, it has 163 hp and the second, located on the rear axle, provides 184 CV).

Gwm Wey 03 Test

she GWM WEY 03 is one of the few hybrid vehicles that offers a direct current charging option with up to 50 kW, a relatively high number and where in just 38 minutes you can reach 80% of the battery. In the alternating current it also offers a high figure of 11 kW.

In terms of performance and the same power figures, the The 03 AWD with 442 HP accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in just 5.3 seconds while the variant with less power and one axle takes two seconds to perform the same maneuver.

Gwm Wey 03 Test

It’s time to test how it works UY 03. But first let me tell you about the interior. The first thing you need to know is that, drawing a parallel with Korean cars, it has a low price and materials that can be greatly improved. Dynamically, they don’t shine either (now things have changed and even they are references in many cases).

History doesn’t repeat itself in WEY 03: it does good at first. At least as far as quality of materials, interior digitalization and equipment: seats covered in Alcantara, electric tailgate, voice control, 360-degree camera, ambient lighting…

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Gwm Wey 03 Test

Hi three screens: that of instrument panel (9.2 inches), a showing head-up the large central screen of 14.6 inches and another one located below it, nine inches high, which serves to control the air conditioning.

And on security? There are a good number of driving assistants and the GWM Wey 03Recovered five stars on Euro NCAP, so you have no complaints. Ensuring your safety there are four integrated cameras and 17 radars to achieve Level 2+ autonomous driving.

In motion, the WEY 03 is STAND with a firm suspension scheme which, moreover, behaves a bit Seca when you pass several holes in a row. It transmits internal shocks and that is not what it is more comfortable. They work in a adjustable suspension which, in fact, can mitigate this effect (then it will not be able to contain the oscillations of the body well, because it tilts on its own side laterally).

Gwm Wey 03 Test

As for brakes they do not have a bad touch, but there is also room for improvement in terms of touch, hard and without the necessary mordant in start pedal travel (You have to keep your foot on the brake because the feeling because it won’t stop as effective as you like).

In the end and in practice, there are still certain aspects to refine and improve a little, although we say, the basics are good … without a doubt. Prices? Not on the table yet, but hopefully they’ll start in between 45,000 and 50,000 euros for the front-wheel drive access version.