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Home USA Twenty Republicans prevented the election of their party’s ultra candidate

Twenty Republicans prevented the election of their party’s ultra candidate

Twenty Republicans prevented the election of their party's ultra candidate

The choice of the new leadership of the House of Representatives of the United States is in the hands of twenty Republicans who refused to support Jim Jordan, a candidate from the hard wing of the party with the support of former President Donald Trump (2017-2021). ).

The rebellion of the ultra Republicans managed to oust McCarthy from the presidency of the US House of Representatives

The two votes made so far to succeed Kevin McCarthy show that Jim Jordan not only did not win support, but also lost it: on Tuesday 20 of his colleagues chose candidates without even nominating them and this Wednesday 22 chose it.

“With the eyes of the world on them, House Republicans continue to find new ways to embarrass themselves and ridicule the House of the People. We have only one reminder for them: the goal is to win more votes vote, not less,” said the spokesman for the Democratic National Committee and director of Hispanic media, Marco Frieri.

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The Democratic candidate, Hakeem Jeffries, minority leader, achieved the support of 212 congressmen in his caucus in these two days, five short of the minimum required to sit in a position that has been vacant since McCarthy. expelled on October 3 after a motion against He was presented by the radical Matt Gaetz.

The atmosphere on both sides of the Lower House is a good thermometer of the situation: the silence among the Republicans every time the result confirms a new blockade and the applause of the Democrats.

Conservative Mike Garcia, who supported Jordan in two votes, appealed this Wednesday to his party to reconsider its strategy to avoid public humiliation again in a series of votes. “We have to lock ourselves in a room, discuss and see if there is a consensus candidate who is not perfect, but one who can represent us,” he told the press after the second vote.

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Petition to give more powers to the interim president

There are voices calling for giving more power to the current interim president, Patrick McHenry, who was appointed by McCarthy, so that this time the Lower House can continue to function and approve resolutions or bills. An “interesting” idea but only a “temporary” solution, Garcia warned.

In January, it took McCarthy 15 attempts to win the leadership, which made history because it was the first time that an election of this type was not achieved in the first attempt.

At that time the radicals blocked his arrival and now they are the detractors of a representative of the most liberal wing in charge.

Instead of Jordan, on Tuesday and this Wednesday there were votes directed, among others, to McCarthy or Steve Scalise, the current “number two” of the party in the Lower House and who, although he was initially the candidate of Republican for the position. , did He withdraw from the race last week due to lack of support.

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Lawmaker Steve Womack threw his support behind Scalise on Wednesday and criticized pressure from his own caucus against anyone who did not support Jordan. “It is clear that the strategy is to attack, attack, attack against members who do not agree. “Attack them into submission,” he said to the press while in the networks there are those who call them traitors .

Jeffries, who on Tuesday advocated for a bipartisan solution to unblock the situation, spoke again today along the lines: “The time has come for Republicans in the Lower House to reject extremism and embrace bipartisanship,” he showed on X (formerly Twitter) .