'Twisters' Premieres Its Spectacular First Trailer After Thirty Years Without Threat of Storm on Billboards

'Twisters' Premieres Its Spectacular First Trailer After Thirty Years Without Threat of Storm on Billboards

Daisy Edgar-Jones and Glen Powell replace Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton in Hurricane Hunters

The trailer for ‘Twisters’ looks like a nightmare or an inter-dimensional TV movie from ‘Rick and Morty’. Nearly thirty years after the release of the original film (Let’s not forget that it grossed almost half a billion dollars and was the second highest-grossing film of 1996), Hollywood has decided that the public is hungry for more whirlwinds. It will be in July when we will be able to see this sequel that looks fantastic (this is undeniable) and Will try to recover the disaster-stricken cinema of the nineties, Everything is in place, except for one question that keeps bothering me: is there really an audience for this?

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Nice dog! Hooray, dog!

Typically, these types of late sequels come from scripts that got lost in development hell and that bounced through production companies for decades. It is not so because everything arises from the will of a Creator: In 2020, it was announced that Universal wanted to make a sequel. (essentially a remake) and signed Lee Isaac Chung for it. Yes, the director of ‘Minari’, for some reason. Chung was chosen over Joseph Kosinski and even Helen Hunt herself. When he decided that his character would die in ‘Twisters’.

First None of the original cast will repeat this And in their place will be fresh faces like Daisy Edgar-Jones, Glen Powell and Anthony Ramos, who will traverse the vast American wasteland in an attempt to hunt down stormtroopers (and, in this case, eliminate them). Its budget has been 200 crores So we’ll have to see if the public is eager for the return of a saga that has been forgotten for so long.

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we will know it 19 July, in the middle of the summer season: Undoubtedly, Universal is confident in this second part. Now we just need to know whether A mix of old memories, disasters and new faces It is capable of taking people to the movies. If ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ could…


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